Why One Wine Bottle Is Worth $8,000

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May 14 (Bloomberg) -- Christie's Per Holmberg discusses this week's auction featuring some of the most exquisite and expensive wines in the world. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

You have brought a very large autoliv wine.

This is a double magnum.

This is the equivalent of four bottles of wine.

8000 dollars for one bottle.

Is that a price that you have seen increase?

Is there any way to benchmark and say the price of similar products has done this?

We have seen prices destabilize, and now prices have come down, and now they are stabilizing.

We have a man coming in from a lot of different parts, and people are reentering into the auction market.

We think that should be a strong sell for us.

$8,000 -- at least that is the high estimate.

You have also brought some -- i think that is a 1995 you brought along as well.

This is $4800 to $6,000 a case.

12 bottles.

It's very rare.

They only made 800 cases.

The third bottle you brought?

This is from 1921, and it has been reconditioned.

It was done by the winemakers and the staff in vegas, so we are very excited to ring that to market -- the winemakers and staff in vega.

Where do they come from?

A european collector, a swiss collector . is there a way to verify that when you open it, it will be good to drink?

It has been very well curated.

We have the proper nonce of all the lots.

We have the invoices where the owner purchased them, so we can follow, we can track it.

These have been stored in commercial storage since he received them.

How can we track the sale?

When is it?

It starts tonight at 6:00.

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