Why One Firm Launched a Men's Cosmetic Into Space

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June 13 (Bloomberg) -- Evan Slater, executive creative director at Night Agency, and Darren Paul, managing partner, explain why they launched a tube of skin cream 23 miles into space. They speak with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Of creating unique campaigns is the night agency.

Evan, you need to talk about launching a cosmetic into space.

Guys do not care about cosmetics, it is not something that they read about every night.

But they do care about space.

We figured what more poor.

Way to launch this than to send 23 miles up into space?

What did you think about this?


Launching a tube of cosmetic into space.

With the team constantly looking to push the boundaries, there are nobler ways to market a product.

-- simpler ways to market a product.

I was a little hesitant to embark on this journey, but the more i got involved it was an exciting idea that was pushing the boundaries.

How did you put together all of the pieces to make this happen?

We worked with a team of smart people across the talent, and we insured everything was on the up and up.

Do you think the faa gets a lot of questions about launching a tube of cosmetics into space?

We actually dealt with their tube of cosmetic into space division.

[laughter] we had to correspond with them about the size of rig that we built.

We had written it with them every 15 minutes.

It was actually a pretty big technical challenge.

How high did you actually launch this cosmetic?

This is owned by l'oreal, so it is a large cosmetic avenue with a global player.

How far up did this go?

About 118,000 feet, 23 miles.

We concerned it would have a satellite run into it?

This is supposed to moisturize your face or make you feel better?

And makes your face feel a lot better.

There is a line of three products that is geared towards men's sweat.

It is supposed to make you look less greasy in appearance.

We were not worried about satellites, that is below the level of where they go.

We were more worried about planes.

You do not want a plane to connect with the oil in the atmosphere.

What has been the reaction?

Bible marketing-- viral marketing, you put something out online and everything gets clicked on.

We do not like that word as much.

Viral is something that agencies have invented to try to sell types of campaigns.

For us a good story is a good story.

People will want to hear it, they will want to watch it, they will want to see it.

For us it would have been easy to simply make the video, but the way we like to think about it is that for the same exact budget we made the world smallest space agency.

What about some of your other clients?

What is their reaction, and who are they?

We work with nestle, glory l'oreal, trying to help them break through in their business.

They loved this idea, they love to see things break through and capture people's attention and get people talking and interested.

It is about telling good stories.

People are sick of ads, but they love stories.

We tried to diefind compelling avenues to tell the story.

We are constantly looking to come up with breakthrough ideas.

What about the cost of something like this?

Different than the cost of a traditional ad?

It is.

Traditional advertising is broken and antiquated.

In the modern times it is about the best idea and how can we get that out there versus your

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