Why NYC's Tech Scene Is Thriving

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July 19 (Bloomberg) -- Apploi Founder and CEO Adam Lewis explains to Deirdre Bolton why the tech community is flocking to New York City on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

-- to new york a few years ago.

We did a big reach out.

Mayor bloomberg's policies , the infrastructure and ecosystem, we found it really exciting.

That coupled with -- when we were kids we had an operation in london.

It was perfectly centered between the two.

It had nothing to do with -- we still think of the cliche as being that california is stronger for both but maybe we are wrong.

I think what has happened over the last few years is in 2007 venture funding has increased by 50% in new york.

A lot of other companies have been on the decline.

One of the big things for us is we want to try to help businesses.

We want to be in the center of the business world.

Five or six years ago new york was not one of the top places for tech.

It has become that because of a lot of investments and a lot of creative projects that have happened here in new york has enabled it.

That needs to continue.

That needs to be a constant way of thinking in terms of being able to develop creative technology companies.

There are a lot of people concerned in the new york tech community that the change of mayor is not going to be helpful or as contributory to the tech environment.

Is this something you think about, first of all?

I think about this all the time.

As i said mayor bloomberg has done a tremendous amount of help to get us where we are.

The internet here in new york -- which is spotty.

It it is unbelievable.

Weise -- we put these tablet kiosks in stores.

You would not believe we are in the capital of the business world in new york.

I am looking to see what the candidates are coming to the table with.

We want to hear the tech agenda.

This week we had -- it is extremely exciting.

There is a piece of in the middle of the week and he was positive about what he is going to say.

He is going to set out his agenda, he knows the tech world very well, and he is very interested to see what the other candidates are going to come to the table with.

It was an off-the-cuff comment but it reinforces this idea of a tech-minded person taking the helm.

Those of the people that know what needs to be done.

They understand the challenges entrepreneurs are facing.

It is way to see you.

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