Why Nov. 1 Is the Busiest Day for Photo Sharing

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Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Shutterfly President and CEO Jeff Housenbold discusses the online phot sharing business on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

You in terms of photo sharing?

It is, moms and dads are loading up tens of millions of their kids.

I know you're also big in the gift business, i would think that would be optimistic?

2013 was a good year for us.

We ended art of our costco relationship which had eight -$8 million hit in the fourth quarter.

We took down the high-end of our business by $3 million.

All the things that we can control in the fourth quarter in terms of product and services, we are very excited about the upcoming holiday season.

The holiday season is key for you guys because of fourth quarter mixup over half of your full-year revenue.

I know lester during a holiday season you ran your first ever national cable to campaign.

Are you looking to repeat that kind of spending to ensure that you can repeat that performance is your?

The market leader with about 60% of her market, we are able to drive from an integrated marking first get this -- from integrated marking perspective.

We are doing online marketing and direct marketing as well or it we are all users of instagram.

For those of us who might not be as familiar with shutterfly, how do you make money?

What is your monetization versus a and instagram owned by facebook to starting to do as?

We pioneered online photo sharing in 1999 and we are one of the few companies that is monetized photos and profitably.

We have done about $800 million this year and we will spin off more than $140 million.

You into ebay with things that make money.

How quaint.

Why have you not been taken out.

If i'm one of the big giants, i'm looking at shutterfly, isn't it basically take him out a replicate the strategy?

Y bezos hasn't replicated you.

We get up every day focused on our customer and how to grow the relationship with them and the lifetime value.

We have been doing at successively.

But wait a minute you are holding up the prophet.

You actually make money.

You actually wake up worried about replica to businesses or somebody coming in and offering your ton of money?

We've competed with for large companies like walmart, yahoo, facebook, apple over the years and we about sony, we bought fuji, we bought american greetings business.

We have been -- we have internationally consolidated this business.

I don't understand why someone doesn't take you out.

What about mark zuckerberg?

Is to them is going.

If they added rent button here, you guys will be a logical partner for and instagram.

Have had discussions on that?

Will be happy to mark monetize and the -- we know the folks at facebook quite well.

We have a number of patients into them.

We are providing trick arts for them physically and spiritually.

We were one of the beta customers for facebook exchange.

Iris is going to ask how you're doing with the shift to mobile.

Mobile is an important part of our overall strategy.

We had over eight new apps launch in the last year.

We're seeing increasing never do from profits.

The resolution of the new iphone camera come as a good or bad for you?

Definitely good.

I'm going to do a high- resolution copy mud of the picture i just took of tom on shutterfly.

Our twitter question of the day is now that the faa lets a user phone gate to gate, what about the cell phone cause accor should you be able to use them in airplanes?

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