How Killing Saturday Mail Hurts Companies

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Megan Hughes reports on the impact to business of the proposal to end U.S. Postal Service Saturday delivery. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Item on the agenda.

Cbs and a lot -- netflix are lobbying hard against ending saturday service.

What is the argument from the company perspective, megan hughes?

If you take away saturday delivery, you take away a service they offer customers.

Options are other carriers, but they might bring more expenses.

E-commerce companies -- ebay -- they handle the five percent of ebay shipments.

Cbs -- cvs says five million packages of prescription drugs go out every single saturday.

Financial service companies -- jpmorgan, american express.

They have exposure forms and statements.

They are lobbying against this.

Greeting card companies, hallmark, netflix, and even time warner cable which has magazine subscription services.

January will be a critical month.

The postal service says it is necessary to cut costs.

It does.

It is no surprise the postal service has had a lot of trouble when it comes to finances.

They have the emergence of the internet and the increasing in the use of internet from everything to bill paying to e- mail has led to lost revenue.

The pension and health care costs they have been grappling with -- but from some perspectives, there have been improvements in terms of cutting costs and increasing revenue.

The postal service lost $5 billion in the fiscal year 2013. the number was $15.9 billion in 2012. one of the things they need congressional approval for is making this change.

Megan hughes join us there,

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