Why Netflix Leads the Way on Content, Delivery

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Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “This Matters Now,” Michael J. Wolf, founder and managing director at Activate, talks with Tom Keene about how Netflix is leading the way on content as digital media companies look to become content providers. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Content matters.

Netflix, despite the fact that people look at it as a distribution service -- a lot of what is driving their usage and their pickup and subscribers has been the new shows that they have created.

Everything from "arrested development" to "house of cards." people are going to netlist because they want to watch those shows.

I watched "modern family" last night going into the world series.

Is it formula to make content today the same as it was five or 20 years ago?

It used to be that the only people had the money, the cash to create great shows like these were the big networks.

Even the cable networks and not have as much money.

Now with the massive subscriber base, netflix is in a position where it can create its own content.

Let's not forget -- amazon, hulu, even youtube -- they are all creating their own content also.

We saw amazon in the earnings report talk about amazon trimming off a prime, you have twitter trying to link to tv.

Ginny's digital companies 20 -- can these digital companies join the space of disney?

Already they are spending an enormous amount of money on content.

They are already needed to continue to buy what is being produced by others.

Can these companies create great content?


Content comes down to creators.

It comes down to people who are great writers, actors, and directors.

And they have money like everybody else does.

Very quickly, there is a distribution issue -- youtube now trying to be spotify, a name i did not know 20 poor months ago -- 24 months ago.

Youtube want to capitulate and tv as videos on youtube.

Can the old media of video and music video work under redistribution message?

When the most popular sites on the internet is vevo, basically 95% of its traffic comes from youtube.

Abel want to watch short form programming and longform programming.

I do not know if these are videos are going to drive ratings anymore.

I think what people are showing on netflix and are now showing on these other platforms if they want to watch shows.

Yes, they want to watch a short stuff, but they also want to watch full length shows.

Let's leave it there appeared

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