Why Netflix CEO Wants Stronger Web Traffic Rules

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March 21 (Bloomberg) -- Netflix called for rules that would prevent Internet service providers from extracting a toll to deliver shows such as “House of Cards” over their networks. Jon Erlichman has more on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Coast correspondent jon erlichman.

Why is he complaining after already cutting a deal with comcast?

Is not the strategy involved.

Some were very surprised to see hastings do this.

You have this massive deal between comcast and time warner cable going through which will need washington's approval.

Some are wondering whether or not it's fair if you are a netflix, a google, or a facebook to basically have to cough up more dough to get the best broadband service.

Netflix comes up all the time because we are so busy during prime time watching shows like "house of cards" that they are gobbling up a lot of the broadband.

He made a choice they were trying to make by cutting a deal with comcast so that you, the consumer, would not be angry that you could not string properly but now he's not happy about having to do it.

-- so that you could not stream properly.

Others have been putting pressure on netflix.

At&t arbogast hour or so putting out its own blog on this.

If you are -- at&t put out a blog in the last hour or so.

They're basically going to be all on one side versus netflix which i find ironic.

You had any of these players providing the services we use on the internet, whether it is netflix, google, facebook, so it's a pretty powerful team.

I think everybody wants to make sure that the rules are clear on how you get paid.

Maybe it is this specific incident where you'll get some answers on this issue finally.

They sold $75 million and

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