Why Murdoch’s Fox Abandoned Time Warner Bid

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Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Harvard Business School Professor of Management Robert Kaplan discusses 21st Century Fox’s abandonment of their Time Warner bid. Kaplan speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Bewkes refused to engage.

Is not a victory lap.

It is hard for me to see how fox, with the strategy, was going to successfully take over, do a hostile takeover of time warner.

They're both about $75 billion.

Time warner is probably a better content creator, which is the critical element you need today.

Better than fox.

There was not anything compelling for time warner to say yes to.

There was this idea that they were going to be back off savings.

They identified $1 billion, not significant enough to make this compelling.

Do you teach synergy in your class?

Tell me you do not.

Do you let the word into your class?

You try to figure out what you do that is distinctive on the revenue and cost side.

There was not anything distinctive fox was offering.

The problem is you cannot pay a big premium on price if you're the same market cap as the folks you're trying to take over/ did rupert murdoch mis-play this?


I did not understand the tactics or announcing basically a bear hug.

They probably should have talked to time warner privately and see if they can do something friendly.

To go out in such a public way with a deal that was tough to do, i don't understand.

Culture matters.

You can look at the financials of a deal and say maybe we can swing this.

They are two different companies, that is not insignificant.

Culture does matter.

You're not off to a good start if you announce an unsolicited offer publicly.

You're better off working privately and seeing if cultural you can work together.

What is jeff bewkes' first priority now that the storm is over?

Keep operating the company.

Tbs, tnt, hbo our great content providers.

You might see them do content acquisitions.

Keep moving along.

The board of time warner looked at their five-year forecast and said we prefer to be alone than do this merger.

We are killing it, is what

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