Why Mediabistro Is Betting on the Bitcoin Business

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June 30 (Bloomberg) –- Mediabistro Chairman and CEO Alan Meckler discusses his company’s strategy shift to Bitcoin and 3D printing. He speaks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


I know that you just held a big bitcoin conference, the largest had happened in asia recently.

What was the response?

What did you see from people there?

Is there a lot of excitement?

Why are you shifting your focus to bitcoin and three printing?

That is a lot.

We have a lot of time.

I was in hong kong for two days.

Our conference attracted over 550 attendees from 20 three different countries, to give you an idea of how significant people see it.

Was this all digital currency or specifically bitcoin?

It deals with all coins, as they say, but what i am increasingly hearing from the experts as i watch this is that the other coins are interesting but that point is really carrying the day in terms of the number of people that have digital wallets.

We have seen this take off in parts of the u.s.. what is it about the asian market that you think holds promise?

It is going to be significant everywhere, but the asian market , you have a lot of people who, i believe, are your earning to be entrepreneurs.

Not to say that that is not the same in the united states, but the barriers to entry over there may be even lower because the cost of startups and the willingness to work and not necessarily need the benefits that you see in the more established countries is a great advantage for a startup community.

There was one company that actually put five of their startups on the show floor and we are taking the show to singapore in a few months and he has already taken six four startups.

You have effectively changed your business here.

You were effectively in the online media business and now you are in the bitcoin business and 3-d printing.

Why change?

Why handle such a big shift right now?

What do you find most exciting about this?

I am not running away from media, but the upside in terms of 3-d printing is immense.

The main assets that we are selling our wonderful and powerful asset.

A media report on advertising or whatever does not have the same excitement or upside regarding what is happening with the rebirth of the internet 20 years later.

We are talking about 3-d printing and bitcoin.

Can you really just focus on those two things?

They may hit, they may not.

I have been a pioneer in many of these areas for many years.

I did nanotechnology too early, hd tv too early, i am used to getting arrows in the back, but sometimes you get lucky.

About every 20 years is the cycle for me.

What is it that peaked your interest initially?

How did you come to it?

A natural interest.

It is what i have been doing for 20 years in the business.

In this case one of my editors in the middle of the night sent me an e-mail when i was up until two in the morning and he said you have got to get into the bitcoin business.

I don't know what it was, i read the entry three times and i was still not sure but i said we should start a conference on a because i could not figure it out, maybe hundreds or thousands of people would want to come to a conference.

Low and the hold one year ago we started the first one in new york and the last one in new york in april we had 40 exhibitors and now we are doing them all over the world.

Is this a conference business?

Built on enthusiasm for 3-d printing?

Or do you want to do something in the bitcoin space itself?

We are just the middleman.

We report on it with logs and writers and we are doing 26 shows.

26? 13 3-d printing, 13 bitcoin.


You mentioned new york, where are the other ones that this is taking off?

The world is my oyster.

Any country where they have capitalism, you are in great shape.

July 10, 11th, also running inside three printing at the same time, in tel aviv, israel at the end of july.

And then we are going to paris and london.

Singapore in january.

Every 10 days.

Do you really understand the bitcoin entry in wikipedia, do you feel like?

I think i have got it.

Alan, thank you very much.

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