Why Look at Wine as an Investment?

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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Banfi Vintners Co-CEO Cristina Mariani-May discusses the reasons to invest in wine with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

I know you brought some bottles along.

Before we go through each of those, are you seeing more demand, more interest from people who actually want to invest in wind?


The u.s. is now the number one consuming wine country in the world.

Which is a surprise, probably, to some people.

We usually think of france, spain or italy surpassing us.


In the past five years, the u.s. wine consumption has grown about 15%. there really is a trend in the united states for people to be spending more and more on wine at higher price points.

I was going to be my next question, because there really is a range out there.

Where is the demand?

Is it on the low end, in the middle, or at a higher point?

It is moving to the $15-$20 and up price point.

There are about 360 million cases of wine consumed in the united states.

But when you go to those higher price points, you see more and more people investing in wind.

There are tricks to investing in a good wine.

When you are investing in wine, what you want to make sure, first and foremost, is that you have a wine you will enjoy consuming personally.

Even if you are going to do it for your own investment reasons, you should still want to drink it.

There is a romance factor.

You go on vacation, you taste a wine and it tastes magnificent.

You come home and taste it and it is different.

There is a whole thing being developed here.

But it is true.

The most important thing is, find a wine you can trust.

Most of it is by a producer or a global brand that has a demand in the whole market.

Some of these bottles are classics that people will know right away.

Some of the czar sleepers.

Or someone to -- some of these are sleepers.

For someone who wants to dip 810 oh in -- dip otello in or not pay a lot of money, what can they -- dip a toe in or not pay a lot of money, what can they do?

There are wines in italy that are up-and-coming.

We have different categories in chile, australia.

I think it is important.

Ratings will go up and down with integers, but if you know you have a good producer, you will get outstanding, consistent quality year in and year out.

You have a fantastic property in tuscany.

This is part of the multifaceted business.

There is a shot that is going to make everybody cry with envy.

You have a boutique property, right?

We do.

The key thing about knowing your wines is knowing the story behind them.

People can go and be educated about it.

They can stay on the property.

They can learn about the wine, learn about the region, and then they are much more willing to invest.

If you know the story, the people, the tech elegy in the investment behind it.

-- the technology, and the investment behind it.

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