Why Jesse Jackson Is at HP's Shareholder Meeting

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March 19 (Bloomberg) -- Rev. Jesse Jackson, founder of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, discusses the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Of her city, it is a matter of justice.

When it comes to boards of directors, a number have no blacks or latinos on their boards and there is no shortage of people who qualify.

[inaudible] you also called for more minority owned investment firms to be participating in ipo's and debt offerings.

Why is that such a focus?

Because the chance for economic element.

There are several billion-dollar ipo's with no blacks or women or latinos involved.

Verizon did the $6 billion -- $60 billion offering.

With no latino or women involved.

You must fight for [indiscernible] we did not know how good baseball could be until everybody could play.

The white kid comes to silicon valley and the black kid goes home.

That is not fair.

We must do better.

When you go it is kind of shocking to see how wide it can be but hewlett-packard has got a female ceo and the female cfo.

I want to read a statement.

They said -- why hp?

What does it have to do with racial justice?

We fight for genuine racial justice all the while.

We want blacks and latinos and asians and women so we can buy the product together and use together and it is a net gain.

It is a fairly shocking statistic.

The highest regard to meg whitman.

We will meet in just a minute.

They cannot even deny that something is wrong when they look at an all-white and all-male board of directors in 2014. i think about this week we are -- we were arching for the right to vote 49 years ago.

We could not sit on jurors.

You could not vote on campuses and we are a better nation than that now.

These companies should reflect that better america.

Click silicon valley does not reflect that.

We looked at statistics that show enter backed companies them only one percent had a black founder.

83% of the teams are white.

Within silicon valley the jobs cap is substantial.

9.2% of tech industry workers.

A lot of those computer science degrees are not resulting in a lot of lack and latino workers.

Even our government [indiscernible] making access to capital in technology and growth.

That is why blacks remain locked in the economy.

Decision is built on capital and trust and credit.

We can i get the capital and we cannot get the trust or credit.

We cannot grow and we want to grow.

That is america's growth.

You are -- you said something about meg whitman paving the way for melissa and cheryl.

What did you mean by that?

There are some black women who have benefited from the growth of meg whitman and that is a good thing.

Our quest for black and latino and women plus gross, fighting marginalization is consistent.

Here we are today and you think about the markets of 300,000 employees at hp.

The board does not look like the marketplace and the marketplace has talent and money and growth and they should look like the marketplace.

We demand justice and fairness.

Do you think the reason is racism?

Or cultural, however you put it.

The result is exclusion.

Exclusion represents a limitation.

They cannot get the big best best bang for the buck.

We want young people to learn to do apps.

Or join the pipeline between palo alto and stanford.

That should be all about -- all of our goals.

It is interesting with computing.

The big changes right now, going to cell phones and smart phones.

That is some of the most powerful computers invented.

That is putting computers in all race in creeds and religions.

The suggestion that you cannot find qualified blacks or latinos is simply not true.

More market and more money and more talent, everybody wins.

Have you done much in silicon valley in the past with other companies and if so, what?

We have done so in the past.

We have challenged them on involvement -- involving more people.

Whether growing gap, more happened [indiscernible] and the milk last second.

It is creating havoc in the middle.

Too many at the bottom with too little.

There must be some marking of capital.

Not just the right to vote.

You're talking about the big employees.

There are so many startups.

What would you say to a startup executive, someone who is starting with a small handful of people?

If you are on a good team and some of them are male or female, white, black, jewish, it there, indian, you use the whole marketplace.

We have known that marginalization limits growth.

It has not been right and it has not been helpful.

Reverend jesse jackson of the

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