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June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Jason Wolfe, founder and CEO of, discusses gift-card sales with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Of father's day and what to get and what not to get, tell us the story of and how jason wolfe managed to create this.

In the mid-1990's, i was recovering from some surgeries and i was not able to work.

I created the first coupon site.

I was able to build that in 2000 and sold it.

During that time, i created a gift card business.

Right around 2002, i bought the domain and i has been my company ever since.

It allows people to go on a bike gift cards for a variety of retailers.

-- go on and by giftbuy gift cards from a variety of retailers.

Give us an idea of the purchases they go on.

As opposed to going to the grocery store, you can get a personalized gift card for father's day.

You can get a matching greeting card.

That is our biggest product. is trying to be -- " is trying to be like

More people go to the grocery store and buy the brand off the shelves rather than online, however that trend is changing.

Really echo why is that -- really, why is that?

They are on the run and want to think a different times of the day.

If you can buy online, it feels like gift cards are the last product out there that have not been dominated by online for juicing.

You are doing over $100 million in revenue per year?

Last year we did about $110 million and this year, we want to do $150 million.

We want to continue to grow the business.

Over the next few years, people will be buying more and more online.

Some of the estimates are by 2016, there will be about 10 billion gift cards purchase in a $100 billion market.

We feel position to take a bandage of that.

You did use the word smile stop explain that for people who may not be able -- who may not know that if connected to the world of gift cards.

We try to make people smile.

We are looking at it in terms of making people happy, as opposed to just slinging plastic.

We are creating a product that people are happy about and keep in their wallet.

As a matter of, people keep our cards for a long time, because they can pull it out and see the photo that remind them of the gift they got.

What are some of the most popular retailers?

In general, the most popular retailer, as you can imagine, would be walmart, just in terms of gift cards.

Best buy, target also.

There are a large -- a lot of large, national merchants.

You're also trying to gear it towards local.

A lot of people are used to getting grocery gift cards where they can get 50 to 100, but where do you go to get a local one?

And how do you level the playing field for local merchants?

We have a whole site geared toward local merchants.

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