Why Isn’t Twitter Growing as Fast as Facebook?

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July 29 (Bloomberg) –- Hudson Square Research Analyst Dan Ernst, SoftTech VC Founder Jeff Clavier and Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz discuss Twitter’s engagement and market expectations for the company. They speak on ‘Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)


It feels like everything is hot in silicon valley.

You have marketplaces and the sharing economy which is really going across the number of different use cases.

We talked about uber, have another number of companies like home joy that will come and clean your house for $30. $30? give us the rationale.

There is a market for everything.

There has been a market for housekeepers for the past year.

How did it suddenly start to cost 30$30? this is just an example of the utilities, getting a car, getting your food delivered, getting your food cooked to that is on-demand.

A loss leader for people to find and get involved.

What does that price eventually go to?

Uber cannot keep these price cuts forever.

If you have an apartment in manhattan it will cost them $100 or more to come and clean the bathroom.

You can drop prices and still make money.

I think there is a price war on uber, and we will talk about that later about uber and lyft trying to capture the mind and heart of the consumer.

Supply and demand.

You can get a uber ride for a few dollars and still make a little bit of money.

? the key is scale and organization?

And software, which as we know is better and better.

They are the third largest company with a fleet.

Cars, trucks, couriers that deliver food or anything that you want.

What is it called?


Is that your favorite investment right now?

Is doing extremely well.

What we have measured is that as the company scales the number of deliveries which is about 20,000 per week, we can start optimizing the direction that the couriers will take an move from one part of manhattan to another.

There really optimizing all of those trips.

The few dollars they for each segment is actually earning the money.

They can become more efficient.

What is the next great area of unanticipated disruption?

I do not know if there's anything to anticipate because there is so much going on.

You look at 400 to 700 opportunities, and europe for five investments that you can place a bet on what will be the next unique one.



Like airbnb.

You figure out what is at the early stage, an interesting idea that has potential market for ur or five years down the

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