Why Is the Man Behind Google Glass Going to Amazon?

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July 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Brad Stone comments on Babak Parviz leaving Google for Amazon. He speaks with Emily Chang and Cory Johnson on "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


What is amazon doing in wearables?

Amazon wants to compete everywhere its customers are.

The fact that jeff a's has spun up a wearables project at amazon is not surprising.

It has been pursuing image recognition for a long time.

It bought a company called snap tale in 2009. you can scan barcodes and recognize the world.

That makes more sense if it is mounted on your face or your wrist than it does on a phone.

I expect them to be there at some point.

The firefly thing -- i think that is the most significant phone announcement.

They changed their iphone app, using a similar technology to firefly, amazon.

Essentially, if you take a picture of an object, you can see these images as it tries to recognize what you are using, and catalogs that, and figures out how you can buy it on amazon.

That is a really interesting way for them to take the change from desktop computing shopping to mobile shopping, and make amazon a much more prevalent thing there.

Whether it is glass or the phone, having a guy who knows how people -- has taken a lot of the lessons they have come up with from google glass -- you can imagine how attractive that would be to jeff azores at amazon.

A statement from google saying he made great contributions to optics and miniaturized electronics.

We wish them well in his next endeavors.

If you are going to work anywhere doing truly groundbreaking, pushing the boundaries of what we know today , it is google, isn't it?

What could amazon possibly be working on?

Google glass is becoming a sort of mature project.

It is outside of the research phase.

They have a veteran in the fashion industry now running that product.

He is a researcher, a scientist.

He is assistant professor at the university of washington.

He will probably be on the ground floor, trying to develop something unexpected, to take the augmented reality ideas that are in the fire phone, and try to make a wearable computer.

It is just a kindle hanging in front of your face.

Kindle was a cutting edge project and still is.

The paper white -- those are impressive and important technological products.

Amazon is no slouch, particularly in seattle.

The culture in seattle that revolves around those companies -- google has a huge operation in seattle.

But amazon, microsoft, google, in seattle, drawing the very best minds from technical schools in washington.

You can see why those of the choices available.

What else are they working on?

We have seen that set-top box, the phone.

This has been a breakthrough year.

They also got what they call science projects.

There is the want project, where you can speak your grocery orders.

And the drones.


From businessweek, brad stone.

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