Why Is Stephen Hawking Using This Software?

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July 26 (Bloomberg) -- Adaptive Computing CEO Rob Clyde discusses adaptive supercomputing with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

What is your software do that mr.

Hawking is using?

It is a giant game of tetris.

These big supercomputers that are trying to solve some of the worlds toughest problems have to be run efficiently.

They utilize efficiently.

Big supercomputers have utilization rate of 70%. that is a ton of unused resources.

So we do is we can play this giant game of tetris, and fairly allocate resources to users, and drive those rates up to 95%, or even 99%, so that situations like the cosmos system, force even -- for stephen hawking's research, are more productive.

Let me ask you, it is like rather than using half your brain, your software makes it possible to use 90% of the brain.

Maxing it out.


Because the systems can cost $2 million to over $1 billion, you are talking tens of millions of dollars in savings for each and every one of these.

When you consider the the kinds of game changing problems that they are solving, that is absolutely crucial to moving forwards to change the world.

In terms of changing the world, let's talk about the applications.

You can use in the energy space.

You can use it to actually do subterranean modeling and exploration.

You save oil and gas companies tremendous amounts of money in being able to do oil exploration , or do modeling simulations.

What about manufacturing?

Companies are looking for ways to tweak costs.

They have gotten efficient at doing so.

Yet can you do more?

In many cases, you can run simulations and get down and out was what my take months to have to run.

This allows companies to be far more innovative, more productive, and bringing products out in a much more efficient fashion.

I can understand why stephen hawking is excited about dealing with things of the universe.

I'm thinking of things like medicine.

You can do a lot of there.

For example, the hospital for sick children has recently competed -- completed a study with the human genome, trying to find re-causes for autism.

We have had other customers who have been using these software's for adaptive computing to help drive the cure for cancer.

Talk to me about who some of your customers are.

One of her best-known customers is oak ridge national labs, the second largest computers numeral.

The largest in the united states.

A huge one in the energy sector.

We have the beacon system, the most energy-efficient compute system in the world.

We have some other very cold ones.

Imagine what the recent rate is that we had in moore, oklahoma.

Digitalglobe, one of our customers, uses it to quickly respond to the environment with analyze satellite images.


Thank you.

Rob clyde, the ceo of adaptive

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