Why Is Snapchat So Popular?

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July 12 (Bloomberg) -- Syncapse CEO Michael Scissons discusses the appeal of Snapchat with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)


What exactly is senate chat how did this all start?

Why is it so popular?

Like many things started in university dorm as an idea and frat brothers thinking about ideas, whose ideas was it?

Case out with a number of engineers who built out the program that really facilitates the ability to send things to people that want to disappear.

I have heard one say, young girl explain to her dad what snapchat was and she explains it as great way to keep track of your friends.

People on wall street are using it to send interesting photos to themselves they may not want being fully monitored or regulated.

Whoa, interesting photos of yourself.

Come on, give us the real low -- what are people -- how did this all start?

Where is the popularity?

Popularity started in college and basically spread across from colleges into the tweens looking are for new cham twheapt facebook that was something new.

The idea of having confidential messaging source.

This is what we followed blackberry back with d.b.m. where you could send images or photo that's did not disappear but you felt like it was secure and confidential.

In snapchat they're disappearing.

Aye message you feel like it's there forever because if you send an i-message it might be in a cloud for an extended period of time.

Is this also designed to relieve you of any legal issues that might have to do with communications that are left on services?

We know, for example, sending e-mails, they have gotten people like david petraeus, former head of the cia, in trouble.

I think anything that happens electronic in today's age you cannot presume will be confidential.

They've already created a surface that you send your phone in and they will send you the snap -- images you used in snapchat back so we know they're saying on your device.

You can use how long want to see them, you can send.

You can say it will disappear in five, ten or even less and this a second?

Are you ready?

I am.

Bring in cory johnson.

I knowed bloomberg west editor at large has been trying to send me a snapchat.

I know he showed me something of his shoes.

I don't know why.

Go ahead.

You use snapchat on a regular basis?

Are you a 2 million user a day?

I am now.

I have this problem, classic snapchat problem.

There are a pair of socks i might not want to be caught dead on, but they're very matt miller, very ted fine.

I figure send you a snapshot.

Look at it, see it.

Give me your opinion, picture goes away forever.

But is that necessarily a business?

How is this going to make money?

Good question.

Great question.

An answer?

I think it's like a lot of things.

One thing snapchat is doing is drawing tremendous amount of photo volume.

Growing far fasterer then photos on facebook.

Question is services like this that are not public, will people want ads in snapchat, people pay for it?

Those are big questions the company hasn't had to answer yet.

But that is peeling to organizations and media companies who need photos because photos drive so much traffic on the web.

O. you can write on these photos.

That's also part of it.

Have a photograph, write something, well, productive or not as the case may be, thank you.

And then there's a camp, too?

The result, videos, i'm getting videos now.

Should we look at what i got?

I'm scared.

What did chelsea send?

You know what stuff i get.

Telling me it's tea time as well.

Useful stuff.


Having said that, corey, how do you prevent people from misusing this?

I mean, there's no age requirement.

You can tap ok to anything on a smartphone or tablet.

You don't. that's the point.

It's communication.

It's fun communication for people to use.

It can be useful communication for people to use.

Can they misuse it?

Sure, misuse any communication.

Michael's point, look, this company is all the buzz of silicon valley because of the adoption rate is through the roof.

Counting down on snapchat.

Thank you, bloomberg west editor at large.

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