Why Is Mark Zuckerberg Lecturing Obama on Privacy?

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March 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg View’s David Kirkpatrick and Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath discuss Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s call to President Barack Obama to express his frustration over the government’s spying on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

And adam johnson.

Scarlet fu is working on her brackets.

Today in the gathering of our digital information, where does facebook stop and the nsa began?

The lines blur as young works zuckerberg lambastes the president.

The nsa stands largely silent.

We're thrilled to bring you david kirkpatrick and richard falkenrath to discuss and have a conversation on this important matter.

David, why is he lecturing the president of the united states?

Because facebook is a constantly global company for which trust is absolutely paramount.

And since the revelations the nsa has treated all american internet companies as their private playground, all the american internet companies have been terrified the impact it will have on the global business.

They feel the u.s. government does not understand the role they play in the economy -- but, david, i know -- especially outside the u.s. this is important for guys in silicon valley, but how do you respond to facebook and the others facebook will help find the next terrorists?

If they knew there were doing it, they would probably be happy to help.

The respondent to subpoenas.

They're not refusing to help the government.

They don't like to have things taken from them unwittingly.

They don't like people tapping into their -- but they are willing to sell it, right?

Facebook does not sell it, they sell access to it.

There's a big difference.

29-year-old calling president obama and scolding him, what does that mean?

It makes my head explode.

Doing this to the president of the united states for 29-year-old -- why?

The second is the hypocrisy.

This is a guy whose billions rests on the ability to data mine data given to his company, pursuant to terms of service agreement.

The president does what he does pursuant to and it tore all -- electoral mandate.

This is a consecrated issue.

I think zuckerberg would argue has not been abiding by the constitution.

We don't see the court rulings, so how do we know?

You do.

They are published.

The department of justice has released them.

Do you think the ceo has any right to call the president and it would be appropriate?

It shows why he talked about it publicly.

It is one thing that are proper conversation with the president -- which is a privilege.

The second thing is to tell everyone in the world what you said, which is absurd.

You don't think any seo should do that ever?

Did the wall street ceos, when they come in to meet with the president or secretary go out and do a blog about it?

This is the responsibility of the nsa, the pentagon, and others to protect us, yet at the same time we have this enormous business you're part of.

The most fiber and part of the american economy.

That's true.

The fact is, all of these companies are eager and happy to cooperate under legal and no interns with u.s. government.

But when they do things as has been revealed like tap into the fiber lines of their data centers to greatly just suck out all the data for that is a fundamental violation of trust for their users.

So what you're getting at -- and i don't think it is legal.

There is a difference between going to business entity and saying, i will pay you and you can use the data, as opposed to the government were you have not made that agreement, right?

The users of facebook, for better or worse, trader personal data in exchange for a free service.

Richard, where is the middle ground on this debate?

The rule of law.

The case you talked about is not accurate.

When the government goes to facebook for data, it does it under the rule of law.

It does a pursuant to a court order.

Facebook's cooperation is not voluntary.

I want to give both of you back to continue this

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