Why Is It So Hard to Hire Executives?

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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) – Senior Client Partner Korn/Ferry International Jeff Hocking discusses executive hiring and the lack of women in tech leadership positions with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Helm at jcpenney.

Joining us now is someone who knows a lot about the process of recruiting for high-level executives.

It is the world's largest executive search firm.

You focus solely on technology.

What you think about hiring her?

I think it is great.

They have found a great ceo to come in and take a large division of apple.

They also brought in very senior -- a very senior female to silicon valley.

It is a little bit unusual and much needed.

It only lasted six months before.

Are there risks here?

Huge risks.

They spent a year to find her.

The biggest issue and big focus is how she art -- how she is going to be assimilated into the culture.

I know there is going to be a lot of times -- a lot of time thinking about that.

She is the first woman on the top executive team.

Why did it take so long?

Amazon is very demanding.

It is a specific culture the people fit in or they don't. they dug deep to find someone who is going to fit in with their culture.

They are looking for somebody that has been in the ceo seat.

It is a very much ceo type of role.

Twitter has been criticized for not having any women board members.

We reported that they are looking for one but they are finding the process difficult.

Is it hard to find capable women at tech companies?

It depends on what you are looking for.

There is a huge demand for females.

20% of the tech companies do not have any female board members.

We are finding huge demand for those individuals and the tech company's that do not take advantage of that, those women are sitting on boards outside of tech.

The companies outside of tech are going after the technology focused females.

The new york times put out a list of 25 women who could serve.

We don't know what twitter thinks of these candidates.

Is it really that hard to find them or are they not looking hard enough?

I believe they are not looking hard enough because not only are their name brand females out there but also a lot of up-and-coming female executives.

It could be the next generation that adds a lot of value.

Sheryl sandberg has come out with this big book.

Why don't companies make this a priority?

I think some of them are making it a priority twitter would be a great board to be on.

It is difficult for a lot of other boards.

A lot of these executives are really engaged in their own work right now.

You really have to dig deeper and have a very specific value proposition on why that person might want to join that award.

Twitter is wrapping up their ipo.

They're spending 50% of their revenue on r&d. a large chunk of that is salary.

Why is twitter spending so much?

Is it too much?

I never think it is too much to invest in your employees.

I think the demand for those types of employees, the demand is so high that they have to put a lot of emphasis on that, whether it is salaries or recruiting or retention situations.

Speaking of retention, is it a risk?

How do you maintain paying people at these levels?

Our clients are asking us to get much more involved -- much more involved not only in intention -- not only in retention and development.

How do you provide training opportunities and development opportunities for your candidates or your employees?

30% of our business is looking for clients to retain and develop their own thing.

What you tell them?

Pay more?

Pay is one thing but it is not the only thing.

Hthey want a place to go to, they want their work in social situations to be much more blended.

They want to have a whole ecosystem is not just work but personal situations, as well as life situations.

Microsoft is looking for a new ceo.

I don't have an individual but knowing microsoft and the size of microsoft, they probably have 10 people internally they were thinking about or grooming for that.

It sounds like they are looking outside.

They're looking at both for my understanding.

Should they hire someone from outside or inside?

Clicks they should look for someone that is not going to only fit in with a very specific microsoft culture that someone who can actually help change that culture.

That person might come from the inside but more than likely they might come from the outside.

What mine -- what kind of background might this person have?

Clicks i think they need to find someone who is incumbent to win new situation, a very large organization, and make decisions quickly, hold people accountable, and get a new vision for microsoft.

Could allen mullally be that person?

I do not know.

Moving from where he was to fort was a bit of a jump.

Moving from four microsoft might be a very large jump.

He could probably do it.

What about sheryl sandberg?

I think that would be ideal.

Senior client partner, thank you so much for sharing your perspective today on bloomberg west.

It is time for on the markets, a look at what is moving in the

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