Does Zuckerberg Expect Facebook Stock to Drop?

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March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Facebook is working on projects to deliver the Internet to underserved areas by building drones, satellites and lasers, the company said yesterday. Cory Johnson and Emily Chang take a look at Facebook's spending spree on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Huge buying spree.

First it was whatsapp and then oclusus now ascnta and aerospace company that makes drones.

Why wouldn't a social media company...? they think drones and lasers and satellites will help them connect the world.

Perhaps come i wonder how much of this is mark zuckerberg looking at his stock were -- a stock price and thinking it is too high and thinking about the bubble word and he wants to acquire things now with shares.

This is a relatively low-cost acquisition.

That would be the cynical perspective.

The optimist perspective would be it's a big part of his plan to get the internet to every single person on earth and this is a huge focus for him.

Google is trying to do with raw bamboo loans and facebook is taking a different approach.

They are trying to beam broadband to remote corners of the planet.

Is a google-like approach that anything that grows the internet will be good.

It is a very intel-like approach that anything that expands computing will be good.

It sounds like facebook feel secure about its market share goals and will continue to dominate social media.

The interesting thing is the talent they are looking for print they are looking for rocket scientists.

They want to get them to work at facebook, not your typical facebook developer.

It is rocket science.

It is a hiring competition with a different class of people.

They are no longer going against google and apple but looking at lockheed in nasa and trying to get people or will need to get people to compete on those levels.

They have announced their facebook conductivity lab where this will be happening.

We will keep our eye on this and see if it is just a billionaire's dream or something more.

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