Why is Delta Wall Street’s Least Respected Brand?

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Aug. 23 (Bloomberg) –- Corebrand CEO James Gregory and Bloomberg Contributing Editor Jeffrey Hayzlett discuss the latest Corebrand study on the most respected corporate brands, based on familiarity and favorability. They speak with Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Companies, we are joined by jim gregory to discuss the findings.

Let me ask you about the study because it wasn't all brands.

These are corporate brands, and we're really focused on owning corporate brands.

We're looking looking at over 1000 companies, we have done this consistently since 1990. it has been a benchmark tracking system.

We do telephone surveys every year.

A survey of executives, people care because you have been on it.

I have been on this brand a couple of times and sometimes i agree and sometimes i don't. it depends on if i am favorable or unfavorable.

One of the top unfavorable is delta.

We have been rated the greatest airline the last two or three years, but it is a tough category.

Those that are the best brands will claim credit for it.

Delta has done phenomenally well as far as stock or formants.

Up 70% year to date.

I look at the comparison of the s&p, trouncing the benchmark index.

Why do people defend delta over other airlines?

Keep in mind that we are looking at 1000 companies.

Our study is looking at the top 100 in terms of familiarity and we rated those for disparity with favorability.

Delta has very high favorability, universally known.

They get dinged on favorability scores.

How much control does the ceo have over that ran?

It is nothing but a promise delivered.

He needs to motivate the troops but you can only be as good as your lowest common denominator.

The flight attendant or someone lower down can have a great affect on what that brand is.

It is something you always put on a cow, or the horse.

The cowboys brought that word into our vernacular.

It is about a promise delivered.

That is what these companies have to do, consistently perform.

The biggest thing for most people, they want to increase profits and sales, my customer satisfaction.

That is the real measurement.

Pepsi ties with coke.

Pepsi had a commitment to better foods, they got a little bit distracted on beverage sales.

We saw familiarity drop over time.

But familiarity and favorability are increasing for pepsi.

The coca-cola company a much higher familiarity, so in terms of brand power, they win.

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