Why Is Aereo Such a Threat to Broadcast Networks?

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April 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman examines why Aereo is seen as such a threat to broadcast television as the company faces the Supreme Court on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Economics of the television industry but not the only disruptive force.

Why is it different with aerial?

Because they have their act together and came to market with something that work very well.

Gives you the same netflix experience but it is for broadcast television.

I would argue it is the most important case over the past decade in media.

On the one-sided is successful and raises the questions about aliens and billions of dollars the brought pastors are paid.

I go back to what you guys were just talking about, the economy.

Do people want to pay what they are paying for cable?

The cable bill is probably going up because the fees the broadcasters get will continue to go up.

To that excellent charts about the fact that real incomes are stagnating.

Who else is providing value right now in hollywood in your beat in entertainment?

Everyone is choosing new platforms.

Broadcasting works, unless you are cbs still largely the stand alone tied to a broadcast network, but if you think about the engine of growth, they are not the broadcast networks.

For disney, abc is not an engine of road.

They are looking to platforms like netflix.

Will a supreme court judge asked awereoereo today if they will take away broadcast tv?

I think they will ask if they will broadcast to a bunch of people?

Do i understand correctly a few stations are under threat if they win the case?

They would argue no because the fees to the broadcasters will remain.

That is one of the issues whether they go away.

I do not understand what this means for me.

A guy like me.

Even if i have cable tv.

It means that if they are successful, that you are allowed to continue to have a rabbit year's world.

That you are able to have the 121 relationship with the broadcaster because you have an antenna.

I think where things get obligated and where broadcasters are skeptical is what happens if they are successful and the business model starts to broaden out?

Right now they have played it very simple for the most part.

John will be with us.

We will pick this up in a minute.

I am fascinated by this.

Everyone we know in media is riveted by this.

The intersection of technology and media.

I have a great story for jon

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