Why India Is an Important Market for Disney

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Ronnie Screwvala, managing director of Disney UTV India, discusses the launch of first India's cable network on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Partnership and final acquisition for the last two years, it has been incredible working for the walt disney company.

In 2006 they acquired a kids channel that we had originated in india, which was a beginning for a very strong relationship.

Over the next four or five years we played a big role in the growth of utv, watching it from the outside, and in 2012 it was appropriate that the company that they supported became part of the group and the walt disney company for its strategy, to give it its breath and scope.

Why is india such an important market for a company like disney?

You can go with the numbers, first, talking about the fact that 1/7 of the humanity is in india, but if you look at the media market anywhere else in the world it is one of the most deregulated or unregulated markets in the world.

Look at the brick countries and the opportunities emerging there, it comes out pretty much on top right merrily because it is a risk for entertainment.

It is in india consumption story we are playing overall, it is not about television and movies alone, it is consumer products, the entire india consumption story and for that i think that one/seven of humanity was an important part of the story.

Disney and marvel are two of the brands that help to make it up, but there are a lot of brands that perhaps people in north america know less about.

Tell us about those brands.

Overall when you get into a country like india, is as much about the flavor as it is the global brands.

The topmost agenda for us is the walt disney company and the brand overall.

That has moved forward a lot in the last few years.

Marvel is definitely one of them and this has been a strong part of the cultural growth of the industry in india.

That is a strong brand for the company with some brands, like our number one channel, if you look at the demographics for the youngest country in the world and you look at them overall in the space, and you look at some of the brands that we have been allowed to bring to the forefront in what i would call the 15 to 35 space, you are pretty much catering to the story across all demographics.

You mentioned movies, you have made your fair share of bali wood hits.

Tell us about the rise of the bali would genrew --oo -- b ollywood genre.

There is tremendous amount of work to be done in that context.

For us, really, the focus has been differentiated context for the last 10 years we have been in the business and it is now an incredible opportunity.

We look at franchises, sequels, how we will build strong brands with content that can go across all media.

That is really the trend that the walt disney company looks at when they look at the brand coming out.

I think that india will be one of the few places in the world where original production of movies happen under the disney brand.

You will be moving on, what is next for you?

In a nutshell, half of me is looking to contribute to the rule of social space in india, this is the time that someone can look at the social challenges there.

70% still live in toronto economy.

That ecosystem is not going to change, but we can be one of the top economies in the world.

On the for-profit stage, all i can say is that all of my learning over the last 15 years and media will go forth into one of two sectors that i will call the high-impact sectors.

That is all i want to share with you right now.

That was jon erlichman with the managing director of disney utv india.

It is now time for "on the

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