Why Halal Guys Are Hungry for Global Expansion

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July 22 (Bloomberg) –- The Halal Guys General Manager Hesham Hegazy discusses the company’s iconic food carts and plans for expansion. He speaks on “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Let's start off by talking about how the halal guys came to be.

The halal guys came to be in 1990. the founder in 1990 was a similar hotdog cart.

There was so much demand for doing the [inaudible] there -- they were always asking, they have to eat halal meals so there was a cost -- a question of what we could get whole all males -- halal meals.

There was a huge need for halal food to be around.

What makes food halal?

This is a good question.

To make sure that all the blood comes out of the shower the chicken.

Once the meat is halal it is up to us how to cook it and prepared.

Where are you in terms of the scale of the business?

So far we have five locations.

The main one which is the one across the hilton.

Always a long line.

The first one which is there until 5:30. the line is longer than daytime.

The second one which is across the street from 6th avenue.

We have the southeast corner which is day and night and we have won by 7th avenue and 53rd street.

They are all over midtown.

Tell us about the restaurant.

You decided to go from the card to having restaurants.

It is not just overnight.

Our customer is being demanding for years for us to open up indoors where they could sit and enjoy.

The atmosphere -- people come from all over and we were waiting for the right time to make the right move.

We have to approach many times and many years with a franchise development approaching us.

Will that happen now?

If you go back to "the new york times" june 15, there was a great article.

We made it in the international franchise on june 19. we are franchising.

>.> thank you.

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