Why Greylock Is Investing in Trifacta

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Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Greylock Partners' Joseph Ansanelli explains why he is investing in Trifacta. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Platform works, i want to bring in a partner.

The bar is five.

It is a phenomenal team.

A renowned professor, just a database, a data guru.

It is not your typical entrepreneur.

You do tend to see people that are a little bit more experienced starting companies.

But honestly, there have been a lot of great examples of people coming from academia to start companies.

It was actually a great place to look for really great ideas.

A lot has been said about big data but we are waiting to see the value of big data.

Everyone talks a lot about big data and people are excited about it.

The problem that they are trying to solve is people are storing more and more information, but it is hard for technical people to access that data and bring it to a format that you and i can use.

Give me an example.

Going from all of this information to something simple.

I think we're familiar with what facebook does.

A typical modern airplane creates 500 gigabytes of data.

Would you want to do is provide the people actually doing the business the ability to see that information.

An example might be somebody on the consumer analytics side helping us understand what they are doing.

In the case of an airplane, it might be someone dealing with the efficiency of an engine.

They want to be able to pull that data from the flight, but the problem is there is a lot of variety and it tends to be very messy.

There are not a lot of engineers.

What they try to do is make it so that people like you and i can access this data.

One of the other problems is people spend 80% of the time just gathering the data.

This data is typically very messy.

It has a form and a structure which is not very clean.

They do spend 80% of their time just in preparation.

The big goal is to say, let's flip that over.

We think it will unleash a lot of insight and information.

Who are the clients.

E the product launches in quarter one.

It is all large enterprises.

April storing lots of data, everything from manufacturing to health care and financial services.

Anyone storing lots and lots of data.

You have joined with the likes of david.

Where are you going to focus?

No pressure.

Gridlock is an incredible ferment.

We have a great consumer team.

As well as james, john, and simon.

Big shoes to fill.

My focuses is primarily on the enterprise side, focusing on things like trifecta and things like machine data.

As well as the number of things on security.

What is the future of big data?

Does it become bigger data?

If you look 30 or 40 years ago, all major applications like oracle, we're seeing a massive shift to how they are storing the data.

I think you will see a big change.

The key thing you're going to see is people upgrading and doing analysis much more in a real-time fashion.

People want to get the insights immediately.

If something happens with i.t. infrastructure, i want to know immediately.

It is operating much more of a real-time fashion.

We are counting on you to find the companies that will make all this work.

Thank you for joining us on

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