Why Flipboard Is Flipping From Mobile to Web

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Flipboard CEO Mike McCue discusses why the company is bringing its mobile magazines to the Web with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

It's important to have a holistic approach to digital media.

If you are building content that you want to have as many people see us possible, you have to have it be available on the web.

Mobile really is the primary use case for most people.

Desktop is still a big presence in our lives.

You got to be there, otherwise you're not as relevant.

Any unique challenges in going the reverse direction?

Over the course of multiple months we will be moving all of flip board to the web.

Everything you can see on the ipad will be available on the web and then some.

We are taking this step-by-step.

We want to get these magazines out the people have been curating.

2.5 million magazines have been made since we launched a few months ago.

We wanted to give people the ability to have as big of an audience as possible.

This is content that larry king is producing.

Is this exclusive to you guys?

This is content they're pulling together.

Gavin houston, about issues that californians care about.

Larry king, content about heart health.

These are all in beautifully formatted magazines that are easy to read, now on the web or a mobile device.

That part of the story reminds me what linkedin is doing with its influencers program.

Is this just another example of content is king?


It is king.

You have a mix of content and curators, people who have an eye for great content around particular topics.

Those curators are the folks we are empowering to pull all that great content together.

We also partner closely with publishers so that they can have beautiful content monetized well and thrive in a digital environment on flipboard.

The combination of curators and content is what we're all about.

You're doing this at the same time that attention spans are getting shorter.

Why do this now, when we hear that the audience doesn't want to read a big he's about foreign affairs or human rights or environmental -- piece about foreign affairs or human rights or environmental issues?

I give people more credit than that.

It is awesome to be able to look at an animated gif.

At the same time, it's important to read about issues that are defining our future, defining our children's future.

I really believe in the importance of great journalism and thoughtful content that really helps educate people and inspires them to take action, to help shape the world in the future.

We have seen you personally get more politically involved.

You had a fundraiser for president obama at your house.

Why did you do that?

Why are you getting more involved in the political sphere?

Politics and the issues of our day are a natural fit for what people want to be able to read on flipboard, everything from the left to the right.

For me personally, i think that being an entrepreneur in silicon valley is a special thing.

I would love to be able to enable other people to be able to do that and help reform the education system to teach about how to be an entrepreneur, for example.

There are some things i care a lot about.

I think it is important if you're building a business, especially one that focuses on content, to be aware of what all the big things are that are happening in the world today.

Before you held this fundraiser you shared a personal, moving story about yourself and your family.

I'm guessing you are trying to get to certain issues about income equality.

I'm wondering where that has left you.

We are seeing other executives like mark zuckerberg -- everyday, there is another tech ceo at the white house.

What direction is this going and?

-- in?

Technology is playing a transformational role in politics and the economy.

As a tech entrepreneur, tech leader, you have to think about those kinds of things.

For me personally, i care a lot about a more holistic approach to the economy, one that can help people who are down on their luck like i once was all the way to folks that are building businesses and creating thousands of jobs.

I think it's a good thing, it's good that a lot more technology folks are becoming more aware of what these issues are and trying to add value and help shape the future.

Always great to have you on the show.

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