Russia Shrugs as West Threatens More Sanctions

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March 26 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Ryan Chilcote reports on why President Putin doesn’t seem concerned with the current sanctions or the threat of more. He speaks to Mark Barton an Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Good morning.

There is that no russian reaction.

President putin presided over an award ceremony for actors and artists.

The day before he presented for -- over an award ceremony for people at the sochi games.

The mo is it is business as usual.

We have taken crimea.

It is ours and he would be careful not to make any provocative comments.

We have not seen any provocative action.

The kremlin banking on the idea that those 28 eu leaders with their individual economic interests when it comes to their relationship with russia is going to prevent them from unifying joining up with president obama and rationing up the sanctions.

They're hoping this whole thing will just blow over.

We are expecting the imf assessment to the ukrainian bailout request.

Tellis -- tell us what is at stake.

We are expecting that announcement today.

We heard from the ukrainian finance minister saying that -- what is at stake.

They're trying to stave off a default.

The ukrainian economy is looking at the prospect of a third recession.

The interesting thing here is the detail.

The conditions of those imf loans are always very difficult.

They're going to involve at least ukraine raising its natural gas prices.

Particularly in the east of the country where ukrainians tend to have less money.

That would -- is what would be interesting.

That imf loan will unlock a lot more aid from the u.s. in terms of that loan guarantee and aid from the european union.

Thank you.

We will have more from moscow

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