Why Does the World Cup Fire People Up?

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June 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television’s “Money Clip” Host Adam Johnson looks at the run up to the 2014 World Cup. (Source: Bloomberg)

In luxury, a violin-shaped pool.

We are going to kick it off with what everyone is talking about, and there is something about soccer's world cup that gets people fired up.

[cheers and applause] whoa.

People of qatar passionately celebrating.

This was back in 2010 when their nation won the right to host the biggest soccer event on the planet in the year 2022. how they scored that goal is another question.

There are allegations now of corruptions.

A fifa inquiry is winding up.

Investigating claims that millions of dollars in payments were made to support the claim of qatar for their world cup.


Britain's sunday times reported that payments of more than $5 million were made to soccer officials in return for supporting qatar's bid to stage the tournament.

The committee denies the allegations and says it won on merit.

Here is more.

There were concerns about the oppressive summer heat then there were concerns and reports about alleged mistreatment of workers.

The latest allegations are certainly adding to calls that perhaps it should be looked a and perhaps the country should never have been awarded a corps in first place.

Are oppressive heat?

106-degree heat in the persian gulf summer is hot.

They wanted to bring soccer or futbol to new lands, and in the energy-rich gulf nations, money is abundant.

They can figure out how to get this done.

Qatar plans to spend as much as $200 billion, yeah, with a b, to get the country ready for the world cup.

$17 billion on the new airport which opened a few days ago.

$35 billion on the subways, planning to invest $7 billion on the port.

Mammoth investment from qatar, and some would agree if this honor to host the corps in 2022 would be removed.

Qatar stocks fell more than 2% tonight on concern that the country may lose the right to host the world cup.

The country was just promoted to emerging market status.

In theory that would mean more money coming in from investors.

But at this point, mum is still the word.

The official here in bay shook his head to reporters who wanted a comment on come on the qatar situation.

Right now they are trying to put their best foot forward for brazil, starting its own troubled corps next week.

Teams are coming in, and the world cup starts even more today with this facility given to all the media to work from rio de janeiro.

It is link to the world.

From here, the world will have access to rio, access to ambriz and the twin cities.

The president of fifa remaining silent over the qatar issue.

He handed over the world cup trophy ahead of the tournament.

He spoke briefly wishing brazil will.

Brazil has a lead-off issues now.

We have the world cup coming up, which they aren't really prepared for.

We were talking about earlier, stadiums aren't done, airports are not finished.

South africa did pull it off when it was their turn last-minute.

There is a lot of unrest going on in brazil as well.

We are watching the impact of the corps on the psyche of brazil because they are going to be voting for president in a few months.

Putting on a world cup is not easy when the economy is not so hot.

Revenues are dismal.

You have a very interfering government who has been manipulating policy left, right and center, and that is leading to slower growth.

They are fixing prices, holding gas prices low.

When you have an administration that tinkers a lot, you end up dragging growth lower.

Does brazil actually way until after the world cup to fix the economy?

They are going to hold off anything until after the presidential elections.

They are trying to coast through without any violence.

Brazil is one of the favorites, so that does a lot in terms of the positive attitude of the brazilian people if they win on home turf.

But in terms of big policy adjustment, ahead of the world cup.

They need to do something on the fiscal front or they are in trouble.

So the bottom line comes with a lot of headaches.

Just ask vladimir putin and his sochi olympics machine.

The panel investigating allegations of pribery for the

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