Why Does Chipotle Need a DJ and Who Is He?

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Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Carol Massar and Claire Suddath discuss the DJ in charge of Chipotle's music playlist. (Source: Bloomberg)

Ambience makes people think that their food is tastier.

The chipotle executives caught on to this and he hired a resident dj.

This story and where to find the best hairdryers in this week possibly another "bloomberg businessweek." available on newsstand, ipad, and iphone.

I am joined by claire suddath adn emma rosenblum, editor of etc.

And carol massar.

Chipotle reporting after the market closed and people liked what they heard.

You see the way i did that -- they liked the way they heard.

Chipotle has a dj.

What do they need that for?

He is very involved in every detail of the company and date care about the complete experience.

It is where the food is coming from but they're also very much into the environment in terms of the type of music they are piping in.

Help me out.

Why do they need a dj?

Who is he?

If they think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

You listen to jazz and a copy shop.

What do you listen to when you want to eat a burrito?

They had to come up with something interesting.

And they turn to this guy.

Who is he?

He has a company called studio or cap and the programs music.

He listens to about 500 songs before he hears one that he likes and then he makes a playlist, tweet said, goes to chipotle and listens to it in the store.

And at the end of the month, he sends it on to mute music which is muzak.

They tweak it and send it on.

Does he watch people eat to find out what goes with what kind of food?

He does.

He watches people in lines.

He was to make sure that if you have to wait just one minute for your burrito that the one minute is spent listening to a song that you like.

Maybe you don't know what it is but you tell them then you want more guacamole.

Save me.

Talk about something that every woman needs to talk about, hairdryers.

Some men blowdried their hair, but we did a round up of the best blow dryers on the market and the lucky women in the office cap to test all of the man there is real new technology that people are using like infrared heat, ion technology for frizzy or hairy and we found some really good ones.

They are all kind of expensive, $150. $150 for a hair dryer?

Who makes a 105th dollar hair dryer?

Paul mitchell makes one.

-- who makes a $150 hair dryer?

There is this one, pro tools.

You think it made a difference?

I used to have one that was $40 and this one was faster and they had more volume.

The cow beautiful my hair looks.

It's amazing.

-- look at how beautiful my hair looks.

Women spend a lot of money on beauty products including hair tools.

Flat irons are very expensive.

If you make an investment, it will last for three to five years even.

Especially if you are spending $300. you use it every single day -- actually you should not.

Use it every other.

It is something you're willing

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