Why Do You Need to Own Microsoft’s Office 365?

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July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Holland & Co. Chairman Michael Holland and Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson discuss Microsoft’s future under CEO Satya Nadella on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Did not want to speak to you.

Give us an update on the leadership at microsoft.

Steve ballmer's communication style was to talk a lot and say -- no, shout a lot, but not say anything.

Satya nadella has the company focused on the future of computing.

And the product has really improved.

I spent some time with microsoft salespeople recently and the discussion about, we can finally go to our clients and say, there is a reason you want to own office 65 and we can cite you the upgrade this year that actually matters.

That will help them sell windows, and especially office.

Cash from operations, 24 gazillion, 27 gazillion, 32 gazillion, and then they posit and backup to 30 gazillion in 12 months.

-- they pause, and then back up to 30 gazillion in 12 months.

The old tech companies are still valued like old tech companies, and yet the businesses are not thriving with cash.

Apple's problem is that they have too much cash, and this is a wonderful problem.

I would disagree when it comes to hewlett-packard.

O, sure.

And i'm a shareholder.

Ibm is showing declining revenues on a consistent basis.

She has a good steward -- a turnaround the way gerstner does.

You're laughing.

It went from hardware to software to cloud.

You don't think she can do it?

That is what i'm betting on, and cory is appropriately skeptical and cynical.

That is for the stock is, too.

Sexy not done much with that position lately.

What would it take for you to increase your stakes -- you have not done much with deposition lately.

What would it take for you to increase your stakes?

The stocks to go down.

Giants or dodgers?

The giants are killing me right now.

The second best eckert in the major league.

But we have a big gdp report

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