Why Do Women Get Paid Less?

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Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) –- Princeton University Professor of Economics Alan Krueger discusses the challenges facing women in the workforce with Mark Crumpton and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Women not doing better?

I told mark earlier today the reality is, when you are in the prime of your career, you are having kids.

I have three little ones at home.

You're having kids.

It is challenging for me and every woman out there.

In the workforce needing to make decisions on a daily basis.

You will never have to face.

Why does the gender pay gap exists?

The first law president obama signed when he became president was the fair pay act.

What happened?

Some of the wage gap that happened was a result of discrimination but a lot has to do with career choices.

We are seeing more and more women going onto higher education, more so than men, and yet they go into the field at a lower rate.

We need to look for ways to make the workplace more flexible so it can accommodate the workforce, such as more paid leave, organizing work like it has happened in the pharmacy industry.

If corporations want to retain women and make sure they are conjuring part of their workforce, then these are programs they need to put into play.

I will pay devils advocate and be the small business owner for a moment and say, what do i do if this employee says i can only work 20 hours instead of 40? is it really the company's responsibility to make up the difference?

It is society's responsibility.

It is also important in our country's interest that we make full use of the resources.

You will see more and more enlightened companies.

Speaking of labor storage, there is -- an op-ed in the washington post.

She said the president could issue an executive order that would ban federal contractors from retaliating against workers who asked about wage practices or say -- shared salary information.

Would that be a good second step if there is some blockage in congress?

With the president be obliged to sign executive orders?

It is a competition legal issue, a funny thing getting to the point of where the market is.

It is not something that exists on its own as a stock market.

The market is messy.

Preferences matter and the way you treat people matter.

The late you treat stocks does not matter.

Imperfect information that employees do not share information about their salaries or they will be retaliated against.

Usually, the markets work better if people have perfect information.

My point is there is range where companies have the flexibility to provide better benefits, better pay, more flexibility.

And it is profitable for them.

It is fascinating for them and challenging.

We have got to do better than

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