Why Did the Kardashians Start Selling Baby Clothes?

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March 17 (Bloomberg) -- Clothing designers and reality TV stars Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian discuss the launch of their Kardashian Kids clothing line for babies and young children on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

With your sister we decided -- first of all, courtney came up with the idea to launch a kids line.

She had just -- she was pregnant with penelope so was frustrated with all the close that were out there and came up with the idea to start our own line and we thought it was a great idea.

After i have had my own child, i see the importance of the different fabrics on the cute styles that were in need in the marketplace i am glad that we listened to courtney and took her up on the offer.

Courtney, what will be different about this line?

I think we are really picky.

We love to dress our kids.

I love that it's fashionable and stylish but also affordable.

I love that it's at babies r us and its online so you can get it anywhere pretty much and we ship internationally.

Babies r us are the experts when it comes to babies and so it was a great partnership.

We started with just baby girls 0-24 months and we are hoping to do boys, little boys next.

So mason may have inspired a little boys collection.

Yes, i love dressing him and i love little boys close.

He loves dressing himself.

Especially when they are so little is when you can put them in anything you want.

I encourage moms to have fun with it.

It's nice that it is affordable so you can get several styles and there is so many different things we offer in the collection.

You mentioned the affordability, it it's a lower price point, and that's what you are aiming for when you partnered with sears and the kardashian collection, why is that important?

It's important to us because we really listen to what our fans are asking for.

We started off with their clothing store having everything at a high price point and that did not work out that well.

We adjusted that and when we wanted to do our own line at sears, we knew that sears was a perfect partner for us because they believed in us and our price point was so affordable.

We wanted to carry that through our kids line.

Everything is from $14.99-22.99. when you have a kid, they sped up on everything.

They grow out of it so fast.

Some kids do.

Your kids are perfect?

They also grew out of everything so quickly that it's so much more realistic to have a really affordable close that it does not matter -- it's true they do grow out of them quickly.

I have always been interested in is that you have been able to create such a big celebrity brand, a big line you have been able to create businesses off of.

Are there other brands or celebrity brands that either of you admire or model yourselves after?

Absolutely, everyone from kathy ireland to even cindy crawford from her home line to her skincare line.

There are so many different people we look up to and admire.

I think they are inspirational.

How about you,kourtney?

Kim said some good ones -- i do like cindy crawford as a role model.

We have been watching jessica simpson and mary kate and ashley olsen who have their lines.

It is inspiring to see designers and different celebrities that can make so much of their brand.

It's amazing.

As companies grow and as people develop their rounds, there will always be some challenges along the way.

Tommy what has been one of the biggest mistakes that may be -- tell me what has been one of the biggest mistakes you have made in your brand and how you have recovered.

At the beginning, when i was saying earlier about the importance of having the right rise point for our customer, at the beginning, when we opened up our clothing store dash, we wanted it high and and we ordered so much merchandise that was really expensive.

Our customer cannot really afford that.

We learned re-prioritize.

You have to figure out who your customer is.

We had to end up hating most of the really high-end merchandise.

We even had a kids clothing store as well.

We had that with my mom and i and that helped buying for the store and it really helped give us knowledge for starting this kids line as well.

Before i let you go, you are both very strong woman and you have been raised by a very strong woman as well.

Now you are new mothers to baby daughters.

The reason i bring that up as you know sheryl sandberg, the chief operating officer of facebook who is on a big push to help women go further in their careers.

Just recently, she has talked about the idea that people need to ban the word "bossy" when it comes to describing a certain women.

What is your reaction?

I think it's really powerful.

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