Why Did Johnson & Johnson Sell Their Ortho Unit?

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Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Devin Banerjee reports on the reasons why Johnson & Johnson sold the unit and what Carlyle has planned for the unit. He speaks to Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It's not going to be a very easy that.

It's a business that has been struggling and makes medical right gnostic equipment and tests for things like hepatitis or cholesterol of everything like that.

I am told carlyle plans to invest heavily in research and development and they're looking for new products the business can bring to market.

They are looking to take these products international two countries and regions where health care equipment is coming up to speed.

Ortho makes this diagnostic that would've meant, everything from cholesterol to fertility can be tested.

Why is johnson & johnson willing to sell if it is such a gross unit?

If you think about johnson & johnson, you think most of their businesses are first or second in the market.

This business of blood diagnostics comes in fifth and fails among competitors.

The johnson & johnson ceo identified it as a business that's going to slow for johnson & johnson's ambitions and higher jpmorgan to shop the company.

It was a business that was just not keeping up with the rest of johnson & johnson.

Lex i know carlyle was not alone in wanting to put them in this unit?

When big corporations are publicly shopping a unit, carlyle was not the only one interested.

We saw joint bids from blackstone and from a european private equity firm, and leonard green and partners.

Thank you as always for the latest on carlyle, picking up

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