Why Did Google Add Alan Mulally to Its Board?

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Google named former Ford CEO Alan Mulally to its board of directors. Bloomberg's Matt Miller and Cory Johnson explain why Google would want Mulally on its board. They speak on "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Bloomberg's matt miller.

You have interviewed alan mulally many times over the years.

Did he give you any hints about this?

He did not.

I spent the morning e-mailing back and forth with him seeing what he's up to, how he's doing thinking he would drop me a clue on the future, but he just said he was hanging out, finishing his social security benefits and practicing his tennis game, not really telling me anything about google.

That's about what i would expect from him.

He's not a fan of cronyism and he will not give anyone any favors.

Just because we are great friends he does not give me the inside scoop.

It does not surprise me he's gone to google to be a board member there.

It seems ford, the way alan mulally sees it, and google, have more in common than one would think at first glance.

Is this a google putting even more chips on self driving cars?

I don't know.

First of all, there is not a company in the world that would not want alan mulally on their board.

He is a singularly impressive guy.

Talk a little bit about his background.

He spent decades at boeing.

He did not get the job as boeing ceo and he left a good afford.

It's a difficult situation --he left to go to ford.

You have the founders very involved in a company that needed significant change.

He negotiated that in significantly reduced product line and did really and things that the company financially before the company was in trouble.

They were able to survive and thrive while the others were begging for and desperately surviving on tarp money from the government.

He also changed the ways that cars are developed.

One of the few automakers where the interior electronics were developed on an entirely different plan than the rest of the car.

That's not the way detroit used to do things allowing for to be at the cutting edge of the driver experience in a way that no other u.s. automaker has done, but matt could speak better to that and i. he's really understanding how people use technology and that's a bigger deal than google self driving cars.

The software inside the car, which they announced, will be a big deal for this company while they tie the android operating system and everything that you do including what you do in the car.

What do you think google wants from alan mulally?

Why not planes?

He worked at boeing.

Why not the mobility solution of the future and that's what he was talking about when i was interviewing him his last few months and weeks at ford, not just about one car that one person buys and drives around, not only alan but will ford was a huge proponent of the idea that we need to come up with a better idea -- henry ford was a huge proponent of the idea for a better way for people to be able to move from one place to another and do it in an affordable way.

It's interesting to get back to the point.

While alan recognize the importance of what you do, how you are connected in the car, the connected car is something that they had been working on for a while.

Am not sure ford executed on that very well.

I have a ford f1 50 raptor that i absolutely love and i was looking at a gt today, a dream car, but the systems that ford comes out now do not work very well, to be quite honest.

It would be great if someone could figure out a better way to work these systems.

German car makers have done a great job and bmw especially has a great infotainment center.

Everyone else just does not do a great job of making it work and maybe google has a great shot at that.

Speaking broadly about what this means of the world of technology, microsoft often came up as a potential successor to steve ballmer.

Maybe they did not try to get him to come over there.

What do you think bill gates and steve ballmer are thinking?

They are both retired.

Is a 7-iron going to catch 170 yards?

That is what they worry about on a day-to-day basis.

They will be concerned.

This is a guy who could have helped microsoft in a lot of ways.

He might be a better guy for it.

Alan mulally is a guy who's a visionary thinker and really understands how to solve problems from a very senior corporate level.

It's very hard to do these things and he's one of the best there is.

They recognize one of the biggest competitors now has one of the strongest, clearest voices available in corporate america and indeed the world.

Cory johnson, editor at

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