Why Did Apple Hire Nike Fuelband Guru?

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Adam Satariano discusses Apple's smartwatch strategy with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

It has made a key new higher.

One of the people who up develop the nike tracker.

Who is this guy?

Jay is a person who comes out of the fitness world.

He will not be designing a new chipset.

If you do some searching around online, lots of videos of him leading exercise classes.

He has worked for schwinn and air master and people like that.

He hasn't them up -- a motivational speaker bent to him.

-- he has a motivational speaker bent to him.

It increases the interest in this potential i watch that apple is doing.

If he was hired to work on apple's iwatc, it's sort of makes you wonder why they are not farther along.

-- iwatch , it sort of makes you wonder why they are not farther along.

There is a lot of different speculation about when this project may be completed and get to market.

End of this year, next year, may be further out, we do not know.

Bringing somebody on like that , if this is what he was working on, given his history, it throws more logs on the fire.

What about the conflict of interest issues?

Tim cook is on the board of nike and he is the ceo of apple.

Doesn't that raise red flags?

The two companies will be competing.

Nike is doing a lot more to become a technology company.

If apple goes this way, the athletic segment, it will be a key part of their marketing and getting people to buy it.

We will be watching.

Thank you, as always.

To apple's chief competitor, samsung.

The name of samsung's new device says it all.

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