Why Cyber Monday Is Online's Riskiest Day

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Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Marble Security Founder and CEO Dave Jevans discusses cybersecurity ahead of cyber Monday on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Malicious activity before it happens.

Cyber monday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Particularly online.

We see it as one of the most risky days.

The days leading up to it are risky as well.

It is -- is it just about the volume of transactions?

Or are people trying new sites that they have not done before?

It is both.

It is also the criminals know that we are doing online transactions.

They may not be in this country.

They may be in europe or asia.

The same is true with cyber criminals.

A pickpocket lovesick route.

-- loves a crowd.

The attacks seem to be like shipping a fake -- delivering fake shipment conversations -- confirmations.

The new attacks are like trying to install a mobile lab.

A coupon app or a shopping app.

That poses a danger to consumers, but also to businesses if people bring those devices back to work on tuesday.

What happens?

Those devices have applications that might take passwords.

They might allow criminals to get into a network.

They also might take, for example, the corporate database of all of the people who work in the company.

It could send off of the mobilephone or ipad to someplace in russia.

It exposes everyone to further attacks.

The coupon app downloads -- in terms of spending, to get away from these problems, are the big retailers being more vigilant?

Are they spending more money to keep their shoppers save?

What they're doing is spending more money on cyber security.

They are more on authentication.

Particularly for ebay.

They're protecting their top sellers, with a variety of different programs.

They also work with the variety of nonprofits and other security groups to monitor the internet.

They look for fraud.

We also see some of these groups that are leading the charge in law enforcement, globally to find these people.

Are there concentrated rings that are small?

They are generally pretty small.


We see them in eastern europe.

It is spreading much more globally now.

Cyber crime is starting to spread into asia, south america is joining a party.

These groups of criminals are working together.

They may never see each other in person.

Are there reputational risks as well?


There are definitely reputation risks.

If fraud is starting to happen to their customers, people lose trust in those brands.

That is a big problem.

You lose a significant amount of business.

What is the biggest take away?

When will we know if it is a bigger problem?

We will know within one week or two afterwards.

We will have initial indications.

You probably will not get a good handle until january of next year.

That is when credit card information will start showing up.

The chargebacks will start happening.

The bank and hence the retailers

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