ZeroGrand: The Lightest Cole Haan Shoe Ever Made

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July 8 (Bloomberg) -- Dave Maddocks, chief marketing officer at Cole Haan, discusses the company's new lightweight ZeroGrand shoe with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Let us start off with a lighter weight shoe.

Where did this idea come from?

If you look at what young guys are wearing, even with suits or on weekends, people do not want to be bogged down by weight.

Our lives are a lot more at it.

Everything that happens -- we are moving around more.

It makes sense to innovate a product that reduced weight.

How did you go about doing this?

We challenged our innovation team around three things.

Lighter weight, greater cushioning, and increased ability.

To address the needs of the modern young guy as he moves about the city.

What does it cost the modern young guy if they would like to own lightweight brogues?

Anywhere from $258 to $270. who came up with the idea of perforating the holes in the shoe to make it nice to wear in the summertime?

Perforations in the shoe came from farmers, way back when, a couple hundred years ago, in scottish peat bogs.

Perforations used to have a function, which was to let water flow in and out of shoes.

We decided to let air flow in and out instead.

You have a background in turning around converse.

Cole hahn is part of a private equity firm.

You get more freedom to do this?

They are terrific earners.

We partnered with them on the acquisition of the company from

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