Why Cloudera Partnership Is So Important for Intel

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March 27 (Bloomberg) -- Tom Reilly, CEO of Cloudera, and Diane Bryant, senior vice president at Intel, discuss the technology agreement between the two companies with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

The industry.

We are taking these strengths that they have in the data center, their efforts in performance, scalability, and reliability, and they have a greater than 90% share, and combining that with cloudera, a leader in data management.

Together, we have focused on performance and focus on data management.

How will intel's ron scissors if customers better -- is there some technological thing that can happen?


It is incredibly processing -intensive and memory-intensive.

And you are trying to move that data to distribute it through new platforms.

That technology is what we do best.

We create technology to make that big data platform excel.

We have done optimizations on our technology and we have delivered over 10x performance.

Why would you not get that across all platforms without this kind of partnership?

It is an open source solution.

People are having the distribution from open source.

We want that to be optimized for intel.

We have engineers that have been working for the past two years to optimize the hadoop for intel architecture.

I am trying to unpack that.

I am not very smart.

I am trying to be though.

The notion is to have the software that is written take advantage of the tools already programmed.

And the features that are embedded into the silica and -- silicon.

Once the software is coded around that, anyone can start building.

Then it can become pervasive.

You need a distributor.

Some will pull directly out of the open source, but there is a high degree of technical savvy that you need to have to do that.

That is where cloudera becomes a critical part.

They become the distributor and add additional value.

Does this new partnership add costs for you?

It is not quite a marketing role, but trying to get the word out for what you are doing?

This allows us to have scale.

We already have a two-year roadmap of optimization that we want to do in hadoop.

A lot of that innovation will come from intel.

It is our responsibility to make sure it is in the open source community.

But look at things that intel ring to us.

They are the number one hadoop distribution in china and india.

We have no presence in those markets.

We have been struggling to get there.

Now we have a presence in two of the largest market opportunities.

This will allow us to scale and do it at a more efficient paste.

What we can deliver is inefficiency down to the acceleration of the hardware.

We are looking for enterprise capabilities and that is where cloudera was the first to market with distribution.

Once you get that, you will get more customers because they will see it is more available.

Not just the speed, but intel is focused on the needs of the data center.

Diane is a former cio who understands things like performance, reliability, governance.

That is what we will bring in addressing those needs.

Today, there is tremendous demand for big data solutions.

You can talk to any cio and he would say that if he had big data analytics, he could deliver better days -- better value to his business.

That gap is a huge market opportunity and a tremendous growth opportunity.

What i hear back are the lack of tools, not the lack of computing power.

Once they get the tools, they will need the power.

It is a combination.

Once you have that data platform running well and efficiently on the intel architecture, now you can start adding the analytics tools, the graphics, the visualization of the data, the complex processing.

If this happens, what even do i take question mark today, enterprise i.t. is not deploying big data solutions because they do not know which solution to deploy.

It is a fragmented market.

No one wants to be locked in.

They want a solution that they can count on and it will last.

Intel has a legacy in open source contributions.

The two come together and we give them a solution.

Were you surprised that intel has a deep understanding of software data at that level?

Looking for strategy, they are driving the internet of things.

They are putting their chips into everything.

Cars, lights, homes.


They are driving that explosion of data in that system.

My wearable -- the world is becoming instrumented and intel is driving that with the internet of things.

The value is getting all of that data and getting insight out of it.

That is our job, to make the data more accessible and able to be analyzed.

It will make all of us happier.

Cory johnson with the intel senior vice president and

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