Why Brooks Brothers Is Opening a Steak Restaurant

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Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Claudio Del Vecchio, CEO of Brooks Brothers, explains how to keep a classic brand modern on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

And ceo.

Welcome to "street smart." how do you balance giving people a new reason to walk into brooks brothers, and yet, you have got to be true to the people who have been walking in for decades?

That is the biggest challenge we have.

It is probably harder than being a new company from that point of view, because if you do advertising, people do not see what you are doing, but look at what they think you are doing.

Reminding them of what we are -- we have to try very, very hard to make sure they understand that we are good.

Classic is great, but a lot of people want to be cutting edge.

How do you show them that, yes, we are very stylish but still classic?

Some of the product tie-ins?

Some way of saying, we are classic, but we are innovating?

All of the outfits came from our archives, and people still dressed that way after 100 years, -- people still dress -- dress that way after 100 years.

You continue to create experiences throughout the store.

Yes, and when we made mistakes in the past is when we forgot about our custom to try to get a new one.

You have got the classic solids, the stripes, the stuff that i -- but now, you have got the super slim cuts, and you have got colors you have never had before.

Do you alienate, do you risk alienating the traditional east coast customer, because they walked in and say, this does not look like the traditional brooks brothers?

-- because they walk in and say, this does not look like the traditional brooks brothers?

You have other things, like a restaurant.

I understand you're opening a restaurant on madison avenue in new york, a steakhouse.

I would like to think it is a steakhouse with a spin.

With brooks brothers, it is not to do things in america but to go around the world and find the best for our american customers.

Might you open more restaurants around the world?

We will see.

Ralph lauren did it in chicago.

Was that part of your plan?

Were you saying, these other guys are doing it, and we can do it too?

There was a great chef, and i grew up in that kitchen, so that was my inspiration.

I always wanted to do it.

Here we are talking about a brand, and this is something you brought up earlier, creating an experience, mindy.

And you are creating it not just in your store, but you are creating a digital experience too.

We are trying to be true to the brand.

That is not always easy.

Our customers tell us they like what we are doing.

We do that for our traditional customers and -- talking about new customers, you are taking that all-american brooks brothers experience a broad.

Where are you finding people -- france, dubai, etc?

Right now, europe, for us, is almost an emerging market, given that six years ago, we did not have any stores there.

Why did it take 100 90 years?

Actually, if i do my math, it is about 180 years?

I was not there then.

Is that symptomatic that it was too grounded in the u.s. and just needed to open up?

Japan, they started 35 years ago.

It was more of a reaction to the interest.

They followed their customer there.


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