Why Barnes & Noble Is Still Hooked on the Nook

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Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior West Coast correspondent Jon Erlichman reports on Barnes & Noble’s new plan for the Nook e-reader and why it remains confident in its success. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Still be standing behind this thing?

Verse of all, this is a reminder that -- first of all, this is a reminder that it is challenging for barnes & noble to compete with apple and amazon because of their size and scope, but the president said on the conference call they will stay strong in the devices business, and a lot of that has to do with the credibility in the e-book business that comes from having this hardware and the device.

Despite the fact that some describe the stores as ice cubes that are slowly melting, people will know more about the nook.

A lot of people feel there is a higher likelihood they will buy more e-books through barnes & noble if a own one of the barnes & noble devices.

If they can control the costs in the store and with the hardware, is how they can secure the market share -- it is how they can secure the market share.

John malone's liberty media has a stake in barnes & noble.

How does that factor into the company's plans and future?

Like any successful investor, this is not somebody that likes to lose money.

We know liberty media initially bid to buy all of barnes & noble, and they have been active behind the scenes.

Their investment came before the microsoft investment in nook media.

Absolutely, is this a plan b? without a doubt.

They have not shared details.

What could happen?

We will have to see.

Whether they will sell something else, and whether they would get out of the hardware business.

Jon erlichman, thank you.

Still ahead, when the fda is

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