Why Baidu's CEO Wanted Company to Stay Independent

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Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Global Outlook," Bloomberg’s Emily Chang talks with Baidu CEO Robin Li. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

-- popular search engine and emily chang has spoke exclusively to the ceo, robert and -- robert bentley.

It was not easy.

In the early days before we went public we had investors.

They were basically u.s.-based investors.

They admired and respected the large tech giants here.

There is' -- when there is a possibility to cash out at a price higher than expected, we went to work selling the company.

But for me, i really knew we had much brighter future than most people had thought about.

I tried very hard to convince myself i will make better returns for you.

Not just about my ego, the future of the country.

I had to tell them in a way that can be beneficial to them, and the best way to be beneficial is to make more money for you.

You came up with the idea of search and silicon valley at the same time the google founders were coming up with google, but separately.

I call it link analysis.

It is all the same or similar idea.

I follow that path before i even came to silicon valley, when i worked in new jersey.

Later on, this technology became the gold standard.

I know you were educated partially in the united states and you bought the biography about bill gates.

Is there a bill gates or company that really inspires you along the way?

Someone that you look up to most in the world of technology?

I would say bill gates is probably the only person.

At that time i started computers . microsoft was the most powerful -- technology company on the software company at that time.

His story was widely reported back in china.

When i came to this country, for the first couple of years i tried really hard to become familiar and get good grades.

After graduation, i realized there was time for me to get to know north -- to know more about the alternatives that americans can provide for software engineers like me and to bill gates was obviously the role model for that.


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