Why Aren’t Americans Spending on Groceries

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June 26 (Bloomberg) -- Alix Steel examines U.S. consumers grocery spending and ConAgra’s acquisitions, performance and earnings on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Rough quarter?

They seem optimistic going forward.

Full-year earnings at six percent, picking up in 2016 and 2017. it is a private labeled this this back in 2013. that is the biggest problem.

It basically has its own retail brand, winding up committee -- having a better relationship with stores.

The private label is generic.

Not a lot of shelf space when it comes to the issue.

The thing we showed you before is an overall issue.

That means we are basically spending less.

Our spending on groceries has risen less than one percent a year since 2008. a steady increase in discount retailers and market packaged food, we are just not sending that much.

How does this reflect changes in the way we eat and what we need?

Part of that is we are just eating healthier.

That is not good for canned foods products.

They have things like chef boyardee which contributed to the write-down.

You can see we are only looking at 4/10 of one percent growth from 2018 to about 20 billion.

What does that mean we are eating?

We are eating healthy things, gluten-free foods, a lot of spreads and proteins.

Here is a breakdown of what we do when we go to the grocery store.

39% growth from 2013-2018. a large part of that is we're looking at the disease and understand it more.

We are also snacking more and can blame that on the millennial's. take a look at potato chips.

A five percent growth in 2013. about $42 billion by 2018. i am talking peter chips, chocolate covered potato chips, changing how we wind up eating.

We can look at it in terms of yoga sales, 10% in 2013 to 10% in 2018, hitting almost $9 billion.

In a landmark case, the supreme court voted to protect broadcasters against aereo, a streaming service whose subscribers can watch broadcast programming without a television set.

They can live stream it.

Basically, over-the-top alternatives.

With me now, a private equity investor in media.

Leo, you did not think area

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