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April 4 (Bloomberg) -- Fashion Designer Diane von Furstenberg discusses the empowerment of female leaders on Bloomberg Television's “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Powerful woman in fashion, the one and only diane von furstenberg.

When i think about this award, this is the fifth year you are honoring these women.

When i think about what it is -- we should honor them and we do every year, but his is is special, the dvf awards, part of the women of the world conference, which i showed you yesterday.

We honor these women who not only had the courage to survive whatever misery they were in, but the power to inspire and the leadership to help others.

For women to become the successful, isn't about having created talent -- created thailand -- creative talent, or is it more about drive?

When i see these honor -- these women that we honored, i feel like i have done nothing.

I feel so humbled by them.

They do so much.

It is incredible how much they do.

I feel like i could use whatever x -- success and exposure i have to put them on a platform and to help them financially and also to help them spread their word.

What is your advice to them?

Look at what you've done for 40 years.

When they win this award, they look to you.

What do you tell them?

I tried to learn from them really.

I do not need to tell them how to survive.

My mother was a survivor.

My mother survived the holocaust when she was 20 before i was born.

I think that i have the genes of a survivor.

That is also why i relate with these women.

The women that we honor today -- one of them is a woman out of detroit.

She started to create -- in a sense she is a designer.

She created a coat that doubles up as a sleeping bag for homeless women.

What i'm trying to say is that there is nothing small enough that you can do that can help people.

I love the grassroots of it all.

But it is not just those grassroots people that we honor.

We are also honoring gloria steinem.

She is 80 this year.

She still looks hot and sexy and gracious and beautiful.

We would not be where we are without gloria steinem.

We are honoring alicia keys who has done so much for children and aids.

We are honoring two women, one is israeli, another is palestinian, and they work together in israel.

It is such a difficult task.

What are the keys to success, is it being a fighter and a determined survivor, or is it being an artist?

What matters is the truth.

To believe in the truth.

We are fighting for the truth.

Being true to yourself.

I think nothing gives you more courage than the truth.

It is a very tricky thing because it is easy to be afraid of the truth.

But at the end, if you fight for the truth, that gives you an energy and the power that, you know -- you can lose everything in your life.

You can lose your husband, your wealth, your help, but you never lose your character.

What these women have is incredible character.

It sounds to me that you are also talking about being true to your brand under which is something that you are known for.

When someone walks down fifth avenue, they know that is a dvf dress.

How have you had the conviction to stay true to your brand?

I don't at all.

A lot of times i lose myself.

Now, this year, i am writing a book.

I had the exhibition.

It is like i have gone through total therapy.

Therefore, i know what you have to do is stick to what you are.

The great thing about aging is that you have a past.

If you look at your past and the body of your work and you are proud of it, you know you did something good.

Have you changed something -- in the 40 years -- how are you different than when you began?

Many things along the way.

At the end, the little me in the mirror that i communicate with him and that has been the same forever.

You are about to do a reality show.

It is not a reality show.

I am not doing a reality show.

I am developing a series, a documented series, where people will be able to get inside the company and see all the things and where we are giving opportunity to young girls to learn and also to push that one door that will make them may be a brand ambassador.

Look at all the women you are helping.

Did anyone help you like this?

Well, my mother inspired me.

Diana helped me when i showed her my first addresses -- dresses when nobody else understood.

She said, this is genius, this is so democratic, revolutionary.

We always help each other.

Today, you are helping me because i can talk about these women.

It is a chain of love.

What i think is, i am inspired by women, and i've designed to inspire them.

When you look at all of these extraordinary, inspiring women, does it still make you sad that so few women are running companies?

Even in the fashion industry, so many women designers but so few own their own businesses.

Why is this?

Women are very strong but sometimes they are afraid to show their strength.

We also have to stay women, so sometimes we confuse both.

I think there are so many women who are running so many -- we are making progress and then the pendulum goes back.

We have to continue to inspire.

We have to go to break.

Diane von furstenberg, celebrating women in the world.

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