Why Are Retailers Snubbing Beyonce?

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Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu discusses the backlash from retailers following Beyonce’s latest iTunes release. She speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's “In the Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


I was rooting for keanu reeves.

This film was made for a global -- audience.

We will see how it lays out.

He does not look like he aged that much.

Outside of my keanu reeves obsession, the on say -- i am also obsessed with her.

She released her album on itunes.

Target was annoyed and now amazon is as well.

Amazon and target are choosing not to sell the physical version.

Amazon carries the digital version, but they are not giving it a prime real estate.

You have to do a search for it.

Billboard magazine even said amazon is considering further reprisals against sony music and columbia.

Target is not happy.

They take it personally because last time beyonce released a studio album they work carefully with her to promote it.

The government not do that well.

This time around, when they had the opportunity to sell the album a week later, they said no.

You could look at it as a threat to other artists who choose to go the way of beyonce in the future.

How do you think this will play out?

Eventually, when beyonce does her traditional album release, they will have to go down that road, but beyonce is a huge empire herself, with "forbes" magazine estimating she made $92 million.

She is one of the best-selling female artist.

Perhaps target is shooting itself in the foot.

Target is the number four seller of albums in the united states.

After the -- apple, amazon, and walmart are the top three.

Walmart is still selling.

They took a different approach.

They sold at the first opportunity and were reworded by beyonce who showed up at a walmart store and handed out gift cards.

She said thank you to everyone for showing up.

Walmart chose to deliver it to the customers as soon as they could.

Some people think this could usher in others to do this as well?

But not everybody has the ability of beyonce to sell across the board.

Jay-z is one of them, and he chose to go his own way with samsung.

Not a lot of people can go down this road.

It is something people are monitoring carefully, untraditional ways of selling their album, taking people by surprise and leading the marketing takeover.

The marketing is the news that they create.

Scarlet fu, thank you.

It was a record holiday season for amazon with customers buying 426 items every second on cyber monday.

We will have a breakdown of the online giant's holiday sales.

Mcdonald's is pulling its resource website after getting pummeled by critics for their tips including telling employees to take vacations when they cannot afford it.

We will have more of the blunders.

Stay "in the loop." ?

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