Why are Protesters Targeting Tech Tax Breaks?

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April 15 (Bloomberg) -- Zendesk Director of Social Responsibility Tiffany Apcyznski and Bloomberg’s Megan Hughes examine technology tax breaks. They speak with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

There is a bigger fight over income inequality in the city and whether or not the middle-class workers are being priced out.

I want to bring in another company who also got a tax break.

The director of social responsibility as an desk.

You wore -- work in the mid market area and got a tax break to be there.

What is the area like for you moved in and what is it like how?

We were the first company to move into the area and 2011. where we are located is high crime.

High open drug use area.

I think the difference from what it looks like where we moved in is different than the rest of the market.

There is a lot of the same issues that are there.

We see more retail development.

War foot traffic in the area but still in on problem neighborhood . what do you make of the concessions in relation to technology companies?

It is unfair that they have hired people, created jobs and some people say they are not getting the right jobs to the right people.

Currently there are only six tech companies that have a tax break.

Any company that applies for the tax break has to fulfill the community benefits agreement.

It is overseen by a citizens advisory committee.

We have to check in every month.

That is how i know there is only six companies right now with the tax break.

For us, we -- what started out as an obligation turned into the most amazing opportunity the company could have ever asked for.

This has allowed us to build a social responsibility program and community engagement program that is incredibly innovative.

They do things with the community.

What more do the protesters want?

Well, i think one of the big questions i have is protesters have said there are provisions and are asking for community engagement, community hiring and training, but it is really a good space provision.

There is not teeth behind that.

No quantification being done.

It sounds like maybe you disagree.

Is there quantification being done?

How do we know companies are following up on this because the protesters do not think they are ? the community benefits association, the contract to get the tax rates, we're going to fill a certain number of promises.

It is outlined pretty clearly.

Anyone can access the documents.

They go back to 2012 and read what we have been asked to fulfill.

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