Why Are Cows Exploding All Over the Internet?

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Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson takes a look at Chipotle’s unconventional marketing. (Source: Bloomberg)


Anemic is not a word we want to hear.

Another company in the news, chipotle, known to do some pretty unconventional marketing.

Today the company is releasing a four part mini drama that is called farming dangerous.

You are feeding cattle petroleum?

Olive oil?

Side have -- effects?

They pay us to fix their image, not the cattle.

Cattle explosion video?

Wire they exploded all over the internet?

The young man behind the number one viral video.

I'm part of an organization committed to farming practices.

Why create a video of a cow exploding?

Actual security finish -- footage.

Exploding cows, a little weird.

Where do they hope it will go?

This was definitely uncharted

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