No Dr. Dre? Apple Conference Keeps Focus Off Beats

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June 2 (Bloomberg) –- Quip CEO and Co-Founder Bret Taylor and Wired Deputy Editor Joe Brown discuss Apple’s deal for Beats Music. They speak with Emily Chang and Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Is this a good idea?

This is outside my area of expertise.

Not that it will keep me from speaking about it -- [laughter] i did feel that the price tag was fairly high.

The part that i do not understand is the content side of their business.

Right now itunes was the thing that drove the adoption of the iphone, it is really the basis for all of their media services.

If you think they will be investing more in apple tv over the next few years, building up that side of the business is extremely important.

This is where we had some strategic people in particular, and i think that is where the underlying justification is.

There had been some speculation that he might be the musical performer coming out on stage, but i guess we should not hold out hope thfor that.

I do not know about the money.

I live in san franciso, i do not know what money is.

[laughter] i think it is a smart buy.

They used to have had those that worked like health activity monitors.

They had a track record of making pretty miserable headphones on their own.

Eads are not the greatest headphone in the world, but they have learned a lot, and they have started making decent quality hardware.

Apple will gain a lot of that learning.

The only way they got itunes to work is that steve jobs went and only everybody into it.

I could see them intimidating people into playing with them.

What about the culture clash?

I do not know how it will play out.

I think the product culture of beats music is similar to apple, not trying to do exactly what everybody else is doing.

It is seeing how the other company did not work out and try something different.

There are things that can only get better with apple's know-how.

They can change the way the stores look.

They will do whatever it takes for apple -- until he gets his $4 million earnings out of it.

There was a time when apple used its headphones, just the white dangling cord as its marketing message to say we are cool, we have these headphones.

Now the coolest headphones are defined that they are not those earbuds.

Going into a stadium with those beats headphones on means the coolest.

It is an aspirational brand, and is priced well.

You can go get a cheap android phone, or you can get an iphone because you want people to know you have an iphone.

I do think that the beats headphones are very similar in that regard.

They gave themselves the ability to price themselves at a premium.

I think it is very similar in that respect.

Let's talk about ios, tim cook on stage talking about the mobile operating

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