Why Apple Is Working With Volvo on CarPlay

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March 3 (Bloomberg) -- Volvo’s Thomas Muller, IDC’s Crawford Del Prete and Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson discuss Apple’s CarPlay iPhone integration with cars. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Volvo is one of the companies working with apple on car play.

How long has this been in the works?

We have an office in california.

We are constantly in contact with the offices of other companies.

I would say a year-and-a-half ago we started serious talks with apple about this cooperation.

Tell me about how it will work.

It is not like the technology is replacing the technology you already have.

It is not embedded in the car.

It is certainly hooking it up to the dash.

You will always like the navigation systems and so on which we offer.

Then we will be able in the future to connect an iphone via the carplay and getting a complement to offer of accessing your smart phone and playing some of the applications which are coming with the smartphone.

This is territory that google is going after and microsoft and blackberry.

How would apple approach it differently than some of these other players?

Apple is approaching it, forgive the term, like in app- ification.

From a blackberry standpoint they purchased a company that has the operating system that the car is delivering and presenting to the driver.

This is a different approach.

I've not heard the word "exclusive." we are working at the preamble of this story.

I think you will see other suppliers trying to have their phone data presented to cars in the future.

It'll come down to a user preference issue.

It is not exclusive.

Can google or microsoft, blackberry, and so we want to do this, too?

There are two perspectives.

The perspective is the carmaker is to assure you have customers using a couple of different phone platforms.

We would like to have the possibility to offer every customer a similar experience.

It depends on how the different makers are doing the integration.

If i could toss this in.

It is also worth noting that apple had a lot of these relationships for a long time with the iphone.

There is a honda.

There is a phone book discovery system.

You can go through your phone book and find your contact and put them into the car navigation system.

These have worked together for some time.

This takes it to a whole another level.

How do you see the landscape shaping up when it comes to apple versus google versus microsoft versus blackberry?

Is anyone ahead?

Is it everyone's game?

We are at the beginning.

Apple is clearly ahead.

Google has been some interesting plays with companies like audi and others.

They have done a significant amount of work with these companies, apple.

When he thing about the ability to support different user tastes and the ability support -- to support different operating system, user preference will be huge.

What we're going to get to is that cars will support multiple environments through standard connections.

It will likely be wi-fi from what i am reading about this announcement.

This is something i think drivers have wanted for a very long time.

Why did it take so long to get to this point?

Why did it take so long to get to this deal with apple?

It all starts on the phone makers decided to find an interface which allows the car to remotely control the phone.

We are not just talking about rejecting what you see on your smart phone and have a read-only.

We are talking about the bidirectional interface which allows the driver to operate features which are on the phone and use the phone as a computer.

This interface needs to be well thought through.

It is in the hands of the phone producer to define this interface.

On the mutual investigations, i think we have found a very good and very compelling offer.

Final thought.

It is also interesting that we just saw video showing how this works.

They're opening this up to other apps as well.

It is an opportunity for other companies likes body spotify in others to offer different type

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