Why Apple Booted, Then Reinstated Blockchain

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July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Blockchain CEO Nic Cary explains why the company was booted and then reinstated on Apple's app store. He speaks with Trish Regan on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


This is a pivotal moment.

Apple is the leading consumer brand.

They are setting out an olive branch that they're letting people come build again and this is a huge deal.

There are 500 million iphones and over the past six months, everyone has been building on android.

It's very exciting.

You have been able to grow your number of users despite the ban.

What will this mean for you as a company?

We started off the year just shy of one million users and we have already doubled in size despite apple's position.

This is a really big opportunity for us.

Tens of thousands of new users have downloaded the brand-new ios wallet and tonight, a new up it will let people anywhere in the world locate merchants, restaurants where they can spend and use their but going.

One of our partners announce they have been acquired for $50 billion.

We are one of the most trafficked web properties period.

We partner with leading companies up want to advertise too early tech adopters and that's been working really well for us.

You use bitcoin as a currency in the wallet.

Might you use other currencies in the future, nic?

Or offer them?

There are other digital currencies but we are 100% it coin-based.

All of our employees are paid in itbitcoin, too.

Nic cary thanks.

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