Why Apollo May Be Interested in Dave & Buster's

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March 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Cristina Alesci reports that private-equity firm Apollo Global Management is said to weigh a bid for the Dave & Buster’s chain on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Our investors just looking for reason to sell?

Are they looking for an excuse?

We have good data in the u.s.. investors -- the market is ready to go down.

It needed an excuse and china provided some bad data this morning in terms of its investments.

You are right, it is not really anything new.

China has been disappointing in a data point for a number of weeks.

The market was ready to go down.

Ukraine as well.

Some concerns about the headlines coming out of the ukraine.

Is that giving investors another excuse customer docs the ukraine story might be pushing the bond yields down.

The bellicose language coming out of both sides makes it hard for investors to see what is the way out of this without it getting ugly question mark there is a concern that it might just be that.

Hopefully, it will not get ugly.

It is getting harder with all of the language that we have heard.

We have stopped turning negative on the year.

Is it time for investors to get in?

The by now?

-- do you buy now?

We had a 30% run up last year that nothing close to that in terms of earnings.

A market is fully valued and at worst, it is overvalued.

It is definitely not cheap.

If you're going to buy the market now, you are hoping for the economy to launch forward and take earnings with it to another level.

That is a tall order.

Even though we have had wh

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