Why Amazon’s P/E Is so High

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June 19 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Mike Regan discusses Amazon with Matt Miller on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Market to new highs.

Today we were unchanged.

Does it go this way the rest of the year?

A lot of the investors we hear from, there is a common mentality and the trend is inching higher.

There are not able a lot of catalyst to worry about.

You have the gdp final word or.

That is at the end of the week.

That has been announced.

There is a decline in gdp.

No one cares about that.

Everyone is writing that all.

The big question is, what will the second quarter earnings look like?

We have a sectarian war in iraq.

The outcomes are bad, bad, and not about.

-- not so bad.

That will be on everyone's minds.

People will start worrying about it.

It is not so fast.

It is charging along.

It is not at the top of the list.

That could change overnight.

Bottom line, the fed continues to push people into equities.

Let's talk about one that seems like it is over done.

But it has always seemed like that.

People do not seem to sell it off.

Amazon givebacks in game event made yesterday because of firefly.

It still has a massive pe.

Or member was higher.

I look at the short interest on amazon and here's the stop with the highest.

It is screaming bubble-level pe.

It is less than half a percent.

In this increased a lot and it is the highest.

You compare that to some of the bigger groups and amazon has this huge pe in less than half a month.

Is that the interest?

There is no shortage and no one to catch the falling numbers.

Stock is down.

It has been a little bit of a crack in the rally.

When i read today that it is a leap of faith that all these investments are making.

There is this plan to of drones delivered.

There be investments and caught cheating.

It is a -- cloud computing.

It is a leap of faith.

You are looking at 400% sales growth.

But almost 100% in 2015. people believe this story.

It is ranked in the top 10% of stocks.

Despite a moderate concerns about the next level, people do not believe is amazon.

Back thank you so much.

Liberty is on the market every

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